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The risk of a Laser vision correction

February 20th, 2010

There are many types of Laser vision correction surgery, including PRK, LASEK, RLE, LASIK vision correction surgery, and so on. Among which LASIK vision correction surgery is the most commonly used Laser vision correction surgery with the purpose of improving the visual acuity. With a successful LASIK vision correction patient will needn’t to ware eyeglasses or contact lenses. However, like other Laser vision correction surgery, LASIK vision correction surgery has risks in the long term effects. Some patients, although they may see better than that of before the LASIK vision correction surgery without glasses, will still need glasses or contact lenses for their best vision.

The risks of a Laser vision correction also include the following potential complications. The most common risk from Laser vision correction surgery is dry eyes, which if left untreated can compromise the visual outcome and result in regression of the effect of Laser vision correction surgery. Artificial tears, prescription tears and punctal occlusion are some of the successful treatments for dry eyes caused by Laser vision correction surgery. A subconjunctival hemorrhage is a common and minor post-LASIK vision correction surgery complication.

A patient with Laser vision correction surgery may also suffers from disturbing visual side effects, such as halos, double vision (ghost images), loss of contrast sensitivity (foggy vision), light sensitivity and glare. Other risks include overcorrection, undercorrection, wrinkles in flap, thin or buttonhole flap, floaters, and so on.

So it is important to take into account the risk potential of a patient before they carry out the Laser vision correction surgery.