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Firmoo is Giving Away Free Eyewear to Bloggers

March 29th, 2012

Firmoo is offering FREE eyewear to bloggers, plus free shipping. You can get a FREE pair of eyewear valued less than $50, including non prescription glasses, RX glasses, sunglasses and goggles. One pair per person.Sound great? In return, we sincerely ask for your favor to write a review for the FREE eyewear you get or sponsor for us in your personal blog that has been approved after checked by our team. The content can be what you think about our eyewear, and no need to be fantastic article.

free eyewear for bloggers

1. Choose ANY EYEWEAR you like

·For non prescription glasses or prescription (RX) eyeglasses, please choose at

·For regular sunglasses or prescription (RX) sunglasses, please choose at

·For goggles, please choose at

2.Fill in our application form for free eyewear and then send an email with the application form attached to After receiving your email, our staff will check your blog,and we will tell you the result as soon as possible.

Click here to download the application form.

3. Once the blog is approved by our staff and information you provided is confirmed as correct, we would start process your eyewear and then send to you.

4. After receiving our eyewear, please write a review or sponsor for us in your personal blog and send your review address to


  1. We ship to U.S, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand etc. Click here to check all countries that we serve.
  2. If your eyewear is lost in transit or arrives damaged, please contact us and we will resend you a new pair.

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Free glasses At, Rush To Grab

January 29th, 2012

Have your ever been shocked by how expensive eyeglasses have grown lately? Do you dream of free glasses that not only look great, last long but also give you the clear vision required to get by with your daily tasks? Well, in any other day, such fantasies might be laughed at as sheer daydreaming, but not today. Today,, the world’s leading eyewear vendor online, presents you with just what your wildest daydreaming might be filled with, FREE quality fashion eyeglasses!!!

As part of our continuous efforts to make the site more appealing and beneficial to the customers, Firmoo now decides to give out free glasses to new customers. Any one who is new to our site has the rare chance of getting a brand new fashion-forward and quality pair of spectacles all for free. All you need to do is log on to our site, click on the free eyeglasses-give-away button and you will be at the web page of this event instantly. When you are at the page, a huge collection of frames with varying styles and color choices will be all at your disposal. All you need to do is choose the one you like and then select your favorite lens type and enter your prescription, and all the rest will be handled professionally by our staff. The whole package, including frames and lenses will be totally free, although you do have to pay the shipping fee, which varies from $7~$15 according to your address. Once you find the goods not satisfactory, you will get a full refund including the shipping fee. So, not only is this event convenient, it’s also risk free.

It’s important to note though for every new customer, only one pair of eyewear will be given away. If you need more or find the frames or lense types unsatisfactory, you can add a little money for a upgraded version of your chosen pair. For example, for only $9.95, you can get thinner and lighter 1.57 types of lenses instead of the 1.50 ones we provide for free, also a pair of bifocal and progressive lenses will be landed only at the prices of $17.97 and $26.95 respectively. For more information one this event, please visit Here at Firmoo, your satisfaction is our only goal.