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flexon frames

July 6th, 2015

Flexon frames are a type of hypoallergenic eyeglasses that are made from lightweight, strong, flexible metal. The titanium-based aluminum frames are estimated to be 25 percent lighter than standard metals. These frames are also corrosion-resistant. Flexon frames rank among the most flexible, and Flexon is sometimes referred to as the memory metal; these frames have the ability to return to their original shape after being bent, twisted or crushed.

In 1988, Marchon launched the first eyewear collection featuring Flexon, a lightweight metal alloy that bounces back to shape when bent, forever changing the world of eyewear. With more than 200 light weight, expertly crafted frames, Flexon frames offer extreme flexibility, comfort, durability and style, making them a perfect fit for every member of your active family. Flexon is ideal for individuals with an active lifestyle seeking, ease, comfort and durability in their eyewear, including on-the-go parents or grandparents and energetic kids. No more trips to the optometrist to adjust bent glasses. Flexon eyewear is worry free and hassle free. Moreover, they are easily to be adjusted.

Put your glasses on and look in the mirror. You will want to know exactly what adjustments need to be made before you get started. If your glasses have a nose pad, adjust that first. This will be the easiest part of the adjustment because that portion is usually held together by screws and not by the resilient aluminum-silicon combination that Flexon is made out of. Be careful not to over-bend the nose pad. You may need to use a tiny screwdriver to remove the pad and make the necessary adjustments. Adjust your Flexon eyeglasses in specific parts. Attempts to shape them at the shaft of the temple and on the nose bridge are futile. The tips of the temples are often not made from the flexible material. Look into a mirror and place the lenses directly in front of your pupils. Take note of whether you need to adjust the piece up or down. Use your fingers to grip the joints and make the adjustments. If this doesn’t work, try with needle-nosed pliers. The design allows you to ensure the tips of the temples are adjustable to rest on your ears. The two most common objectives are to position the center of the lens exactly in front of your pupils or to make the glasses more comfortable. Raise one arm of the glasses at the tip of the temple on one side and lower the other to fix glasses that do not sit evenly. Remember to grip the joint tightly. The manufacturer designed the frame for level ears. Often, people have one ear that is slightly higher than the other, so this is a typical adjustment.

However, be careful not to make infrequent and small adjustments. Flexon glasses have small and thin areas where you can make the adjustments. By forcing the adjustments too much, you can break these joints. Note that the joints can also wear out.

Advantages of Flexon frames

June 1st, 2010

Nowadays, eyeglasses, sunglasses and safety glasses can be made of various frame materials. Plastics and variations include zyl, cellulose acetate propionate, nylon and blended nylon. These materials have their own properties. For instance, cellulose acetate is hypo-allergenic and lightweight. And nylon is lightweight, strong, and flexible. When it comes to metal category, many more options are available, such as Monel, titanium, beryllium, stainless steel and aluminum. Similar to plastic materials, metal ones have specific advantages. Possible considerations include lightness, strength, and flexibility and corrosion resistance. Some manufacturers even use wood, bone, buffalo horn or gold to make eyewear frames. Yet among all these feasible eyeglass frame materials, there is a special member called Flexon. Flexon frames have particular advantages over frames made of other metals.

In fact, Flexon is not the name of a real material, but the trademark for a shape memory alloy of titanium. This trademark was developed by the Beta Group and was sold to Marchon Eyewear in 1995. As a major eyewear manufacturer in the world, Marchon Eyewear has maintained this trademark for more than one decade. However, Flexon as the trademark is not the key point. The key point is the incomparable features or properties owned this material. Only these features can explain the popularity of Flexon frames among modern eyewear users. In brief, Flexon eyeglass frames are lightweight and extremely flexible. People who have experiences of wearing Flexon eyewear may know that these frames can be bent to a significant degree and are still able to return to original shapes after being released.

How can these frames achieve this particular flexibility? It comes to the natural properties of the material. The material behind Flexon is a shape memory alloy, or memory metal. In some cases, it is also called muscle wire, smart alloy or smart metal. This powerful material can remember its original, cold-forged shape. Claiming this capability, Flexon frames can restore their original shapes even after bending, twisting and crushing. Advantages of memory metal such as lightness and flexibility have been widely recognized so that it also has applications in industries like medical and aerospace.

Flexible flexon frames

February 4th, 2010

In the eyeglasses market, flexon frames are preferred by a large number of people because of their special properties. Flexon frames are made of flexon, a shape memory alloy of titanium. Flexon glasses are light and extremely flexible. Flexon frames can be bent to a significant degree. Their magic is that they can resume the original shape once released. According to statistics, flexon frames are 10 times more flexible than conventional metal frames. Another feature of flexon frames is lightness. Flexon glasses are 25% lighter than conventional glasses. The combination of these features makes flexon glasses comfortable, flexible and durable.

Marchon Eyewear bought flexon from the Beta Group in 1995 and used it to manufacture flexon frames and flexon glasses for years. Now flexon glasses are made in China, Japan and Italy. In addition to flexon glasses, Marchon Eyewear also distributes other brand glasses such as Calvin Klein, DKNY and Nautica. Currently, flexon frames are found in other famous brands. Marchon Eyewear adds flexon frames to its Nike Eyewear adult line, which targets the active pre-teen market. Maui Jim combines its patented PolarizedPlus lens technology with flexon frames.

Flexon glasses are suitable for men, women, teens, and children, especially for those who like peace of mind. Flexon frames are not limited to eyeglasses. They also can be found in flexon sunglasses and flexon clip-on designs. You can check local stores for flexon glasses or order online. Frames Direct has flexon frames in shapes and sizes for both women and men.

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