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How to buy the discount frames online?

December 13th, 2009

Discount frames are favored by many people nowadays, especially young people, since they like to shop on the Internet and they may need more than one frame to satisfy their needs. But one concern is if the discount frame has compromise on price together with quality. According to the research, there are indeed some quality and discount frames. The reason for this is these discount frames come directly from manufacturers. Sellers of discount frames have their own factories and these products are under the same quality control, tested by certified, professional people as those sold in retail locations. Discount frames are usually sold on the Internet, so that they can get free of additional costs that traditional retail have, e.g. costs for space renting, employees’ salary, warehousing, etc. And these parts of expense, in return, go to the public to help them save a part of money from the discount frame.

Then how to get the discount frame on the Internet? Is it complicated? There are simply three steps to follow: First, you have to select the discount frame categories as you like. Second, you can try on the discount frames you chose. Usually there is a virtual mirror on the page which can help you see how the frame look like on different people of different gender, color, face shape etc. The online try-on system permits you to upload your own pictures to see whether the discount frame suits you or not. Last, after filling in all the necessary information, you can just wait for discount frames delivered to you.

Of course, most of the online discount frame stores not only sell the discount frames, but also help fitting the lenses as per your prescriptions. The also sell full pair of eyeglasses in discount frames.

Is it intelligent to purchase discount eyeglass online?

October 17th, 2009

Some people argue that it is not a good choice to buy discount eyeglasses online. Their argument is that each person only has one pair of eyes, and therefore people should protect their eyes and as a result the eyes can serve people better.

Opponents of buying discount eyeglass online worry that the online retailers can not make the PD correctly so that the wearer may not get clear vision, some even will get headache. They also worry about that the buyer will finally end up with a wrong frame in wrong size and shape. They are the strong supporters of traditional way of buying discount eyeglass from stores.

This argument scared some buyers of discount eyeglass away in the previous years. Now the things are changing, as the first group of daring consumers bought the discount eyeglasses online, and reviewed with very positive feedback, now more and more people are trying to buy discount eyeglasses online as the second pair for back-up.

The fact if discount eyeglasses online is that, as long as you can get your prescription correct, there is no reason for online retailers to mess up the powers of the lenses and PD measurement. Furthermore, buyers only pay 1/10 to 1/5 of the traditional price, this is seductive enough to accept the likelihood that the discount eyeglass bought online ends up with a useless one even.

Actually the only shortcoming for online discount eyeglass is the lack of frame adjustment. So far as the adjustment is concerned, metal discount eyeglass is easy to adjust by yourself. There exist a bit tricky job for plastic discount eyeglasses, but still most buyers can manage to work it out.