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How to Identify Authentic Designer Eyeglasses

April 6th, 2011

Facing with various kinds of designer eyeglasses that make us dazzled, we usually feel helpless since the fake branded eyeglasses that look almost exactly the same with the authentic ones are getting more and more. If we are not cautious enough, we will easily be deceived by the knockoffs. So it is of great importance to identify whether the eyeglasses we have bought are genuine or not. I think you must be cautious in case of these following events:

1. The “authentic eyeglasses” are sold at exceptionally low prices

Most of the time “cheap and fine” is just an adjective. High-quality goods with extremely low prices can hardly be got in our real world, because even if the ordinary eyeglasses would have such costs as expenses for materials, labor, transportation, etc., let alone the designer eyeglasses.

2. The seller claims that he is a production manager or has relationship with the production manager.

As a production or sales manager of an international eyeglasses factory, he must be quite busy everyday. Moreover, the production quantity is limited and the cost accounting is very strict in the big factories, so how can the “manager” take out so many designer glasses? I think all of you should think over if it is possible? Even if he is able to do so, you can imagine how bad his character is and how low his reliability is.

3. The seller claims he sells the eyeglasses at a loss

It is credible that the seller makes low profit in the transaction, but it is impossible the he sells the designer glasses at a loss. No one would be willing to sustain a loss in business, in other words, no normal people would do so unless he has totally lost his mind.

There is another thing I want to mention, namely the details of the authentic eyeglasses are processed more fine than that of the knockoffs be. Take LOGO for example, the genuine eyeglasses’ LOGOs are smooth and clear, and the rhinestones on them are brilliant; while the knockoffs’ LOGOs are coarse in the edge, and the diamonds on them are dull.

I hope you can learn the knowledge about identifying the authentic or fake eyeglasses, so as to enhance your ability to identify true and false and avoid buying fake designer eyeglasses.

Designer eyewear as gifting item

December 18th, 2009

All of us have the experience of being bothered by choosing a gift for our friends, classmates and relatives. Why don’t we think of a pair of designer eyewear? The answer is that more and more people these days are gifting designer eyewear as the perfect treat for our beloved ones.

The fashion tendency is changing the glasses from uninteresting vision aid to impressive fad, as most of the designer eyewear represents, especially among the younger generations. Designer eyewear is the second most sought items just after apparel of brand names.

There are a couple of reasons why the designer spectacles are becoming the hottest gift choice for youngsters. High quality of designer eyewear is one aspect for being selected as gift. Some youngsters dream of owning the same designer eyewear that the celebrities are wearing. Wearing the mega stars’ designer eyewear can greatly transform the gift recipients’ look and let the wearers feel good about them selves. For the gift recipients who have refractive disorders, this gift od designer eyewear can also be used for the vision correction after applying suitable lenses in the local optometrist’s office. For those who have good eyesight, a pair of plain designer eyewear or designer sunglasses can still be a good gift choice.

As designer eyewear is a gift which is both useful and trendy, it is becoming the gift for Christmas and New Year for young people.

Youngsters crave for designer frames

November 29th, 2009

Decades ago, most of the people thought wearing eyeglasses is dull and studious. Yet conceptions have been changing dramatically since the global fashion designers enter the creative world turning out thousands of designer frames which young adults love. Since the initial birth of designer eyeglass frames, wearing glasses is no longer a matter of stigma and nerd. Instead having designer eyeglasses frames worn on the face is a thing of dignity and knowledgeability.

Young people care emphatically about their facial expressions. Once these youngsters get vision problems, they will buy designer frames that will best enhance their personality, if their financial status permits. They think their eyes are the first thing their peers see, hence the designer eyeglass frames in front of eyes. By wearing eyeglasses in designer frames young people could regain self confidence and sometimes become the envy of others.

The popularity of some designer frames among young admirers lies partially on the fact that their celebrities are wearing these designer eyeglass frames. This is the good reason why the business of designer frames has been booming through the years. This even explains why some big kids wear zero-powered glasses in designer frames just to show they admire the specific mega star.

There are designer eyeglasses frames for corrective purpose and for corrective purpose and for use under bright sunshine. The latter is designer sunglasses.

Seek online for a pair of designer eyeglasses

October 24th, 2009

A signature style of designer eyeglasses will cost you quite a bit of money comparing with the generic ones. For those young adults craving for fashion expression on their face will definitely like to purchase these designer eyeglasses.

In brick and mortar stores designer eyeglasses may spend you up to one thousand dollars. If you buy online, you will probably save 1/3 or 1/2. Before browsing for different styles of designer eye glasses, you need to locate some websites wit good reputations for better quality and secured after service. A good advice for selecting the most appropriate styles for yourself is to go to the local optical shops first to try on similar shapes and colors you like to wear. After having exact idea of your preferable ones, you then go to these targeted online stores. There are normally more styles displayed online that the stores to choose from.

Many world’s famous designers are creating beautiful and trendy eye glasses for young people to pursue for. If you are looking for some classic mens designer eyeglasses, Armani and Gucci may be your choice. If you prefer more fashionable styles, you may consider Juicy Couture or Kate Spade. These styles of designer eye glasses can quickly enhance your facial statements by hiding your defects on the face.

Before finally purchasing designer eyeglasses online from one website, make sure to be fully aware of the return policy and other warranty clauses. In case you do not like such high price designer eyeglasses, you need to ship back to the web retailer.