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Bifocal Safety Glasses Benefit You Both At Home And At Work

November 15th, 2011

Bifocal safety glasses , as self-explanatory by the name, are safety glasses with bifocal lenses. Such glasses combine the merits of both bifocal glasses and safety eyewear, answering the needs of many. On the safety front, these glasses are usually of lenses made with shatter-proof materials, such as polycarbonate, which make the glasses more durable and protective. In the meantime, the bifocal aspects of them provide the swift and smooth shift between close up vision and distance vision that suit the vision condition of many people. While most utility of bifocal safety glasses are for the safety and health of many special duty carriers that operate in unusual working environments, the functionality and usage of such glasses do stretch beyond the work place and into other fields, like many activities that people do at the comfort of their home.

Bifocal safety glasses

For people who work in the industries that have the risk of being hit by flying debris or falling objects, safety glasses are an undeniable necessity. If he or she who works in such working environment also suffer from more than one refractive error, which require more than a pair of single vision glasses to cure, bifocal safety glasses come in handy. These glasses not only protect the wearers’ precious eyes from the hidden dangers of being damaged, they also give them the precise correction that is needed to guide them through their complex and sometimes minute work they are engaging in. Some industries may not have flying debris or things alike, but involve instruments or tools that could trigger radiation or biological hazards. For multi-vision-error sufferers working in such environments, bifocal safety glasses are the best choice out there, as well.

Bifocal safety glasses

Home activities may be less associated with safety issue, yet dangers always come when least expected. Lathes, sanders, saws and other power tools may lead to serious damage to our eyes when they are in motion. As a result, if you use the listed tools, even in the seemingly safe environment of your home, you need protection from bifocal safety glasses, just as much as those who work at hazardous workplaces.

Bifocal Safety Glasses- Fascinating to Wear

April 12th, 2010

Bifocals are some of the oldest glasses in the industry, with a history of over two centuries. Therefore, more and more products are arising in this series. For example, the ordinary bifocals are used for vision correction. But there are still some other similar glasses for particular use, such as bifocal reading glasses clear are just typical cases. Those glasses are good alternatives for people who often read and they can ensure very ideal vision clarity, for those bifocals are clear without any tint. Of course, there are still some other very unique bifocals, like bifocal safety glasses. But there are still many categories in them. Here is an introduction about those glasses.

Here are some bifocal safety glasses are very welcomed among people who are in need of readers. They can not see very clearly of minor objects and some magnifiers are needed, though with bifocals. Of course, the magnification powers vary a lot according to different people. Some people need small power if their problems are not very serious, while others need great magnification power if with serious problems. Usually, the older people are in need of greater power. For example, some people who are over 50 tend to wear bifocal safety glasses 1.75 or even greater ones. Those magnified glasses have successfully helped a lot of people solve their vision problems.

If judged from different criteria, bifocal safety glasses can be divided into different types.

From the perspective of manufacturing places, bifocal safety glasses are made from countries all over the world. Here are two typical examples, though more can also be listed.

Bifocal safety glasses UK are just products made from UK. It is known that UK is the earliest industrial country in the world. In this sense, merchandises made by this nation are greatly guaranteed in quality. Wearers will find that those bifocals from UK are delicate in designs, appearances and functions.

Bifocal safety glasses Canada are some of the best products in the industry. Canada is a large country covered by lots of snow and people often do sports firmly related to snows and ices. Therefore, glasses from this country are some of the best alternatives to protects eyes from being damaged by UV rays, glares and other harmful radiations. Still, wearers can enjoy great vision clarity.

Anyway, bifocals are some of the best products to deal with particular eye problems, so are bifocal safety glasses.

A Comparison on two safety glasses

October 27th, 2009

It is now a period of contacts and safety glasses as well. As for most people, especially these drivers, some sorts of safety glasses are essential, among which are anti fog safety glasses and bifocal safety glasses. However, most people can not tell the difference of the two safety glasses. Consequently, a comparison between anti fog safety glasses and bifocal safety glasses will be presented, in terms of their difference and similarities.

As their names reveal, anti fog safety glasses are different with bifocal safety glasses. Anti fog safety glasses can be used in humid condition, where fog has become visual impediment. Hence the function of anti fog safety glasses can be embodied in foggy environment. Comparatively, bifocal safety glasses are mainly used by the wearers with presbyopia.

For both of them are safety glasses, so some common features can be noticed in anti fog safety glasses and bifocal safety glasses.

The colors of the two glasses are very rich. In order to ascertain wearers, mainly drivers, can get the best visual clarity, some specific colors have been employed after considering all possible occasions. Thus, consumers can find that orange, green, amber, etc are the most common colors of anti fog safety glasses and bifocal safety glasses.

For many wearers mainly work or drive outdoors, so UV rays are one of their health threatens. Doubtless, designers of safety glasses have considered this problem and deemed UV rays as their enemy to be blocked. Therefore, the glasses are not exception. Facts have proved that both anti fog safety glasses and bifocal safety glasses can block over 99% UV rays.

The price of the two glasses varies a lot. So consumers can get anti fog safety glasses and bifocal safety glasses of different price stratum.

Of course, in addition to the features foregoing, they have many other ones.