Striped sunglasses from different brands

June 20th, 2010 by Jean Caster Leave a reply »

Most people have seen colored sunglasses. Within a pair of sunglasses, both the lenses and the frame can be colored. The coloring on sunglass lenses is completely different from regular prescription eyeglass lenses which are normally crystal clear. Tints in various types have been widely applied to sunglass lenses, so as to gain additional advantages. Even if the lenses are the major part determining the overall appearance of sunwear, the frame also creates some ways to sunwear decoration. Traditional approaches include designing cat-eye frame, bug-eye frame and oversized frame. These different styles have been prevailing in different times. Yet a modern way is to coloring or tinting sunglass frames. Available products contain green sunglasses, yellow sunglasses, blue sunshades etc. Nowadays, there is an innovative way to decorate sunglass frames, and the exact result is striped sunglasses.

According to google dictionary, stripe means a long narrow line of color that is a different color from the areas next to it. The use of stripe in sunglass frames brings many more frame options. Compared with sunglass frames in a single color or two separate colors, striped sunglass frames seem more colorful and thus create a quite different look. In most cases, striped sunglasses use two different colors which can achieve a certain degree of contrast. For instance, black and white are two colors which are commonly used in striped sunwear. This typical style is available from Marc Jacobs, Sabre Hazard and Superb. In particular, Superb black and white striped sun glasses have black angular frames featuring diagonal white stripes in sections across the front.

In fact, striped sunglasses have become a common category of sunwear. They are widely available from various brands. The mentioned brands like Marc Jacobs, Sabre Hazard and Superb are just a small fraction. Some others include Bebe Kate, Arnette Wolfman, Tom Ford, Versace, Carrera Hot and so forth. Some models from these brands only apply the striped design to the front part of the frames. And some others have frames that are fully striped, including the temples.


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