Several Tips for Selecting Frames of Prescription Sunglasses

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Girls with glasses may be considered as ugly girls in the past. If you are still annoyed by such perspective or your heavy glasses, you can become stylish to stand out with the help of prescription sunglasses. When it comes to the prescription sunglasses, it is useful to choose proper frames for you prescription sunglasses. You may hesitate to choose the frames among a wide range of frames available. According to your prescription, your personal optician may narrow the range. Before you make final decision, it is useful to get professional advices. Moreover, it is of great impotence to take the following aspects into consideration.

Shape of frames

It is well-know that the shape of frames should be contrast with your face shape. If you choose frames that is similar to your face shape, your face outline may be emphasized too much. If you have square face, you’d better choose frames that are a little wider than your face. So your face shape will be decorated and look longer. For example, oversize square sunglass flatters round and heart-shaped faces. Wraparound prescription sunglasses can be fit with most face shapes, so it is a safe choice to get the proper sunglasses. .

Skin color

Usually, it is better for people with light skin color to choose frames with light color. On the contrary, people who have dark color may choose frames with bold color. For instance, pink frames go well with people who have white skin.

Skin color

This girl with white skin color looks gorgeous wearing pink framed sunglasses.

Hair style

If you have bang, don’t let your hair contact the upper edge of frames. If you have curved hair, you’d better not choose too big frames in order to avoid hair contacting with your frames.

When it comes to weight factor, many people prefer semi frames because they can fit any skin color and face shape. Therefore, semi frames are very popular. But due to the special design, you need take more care of them.

No matter what your primary purpose is, please remember it the stated aspects that have different influence on your frames options. It is useful to take them into full consideration before you make the final decision.


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