Pros and cons of semi rimless sunglasses

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Sunglasses as the commonest device for UV protection are provided by countless brands in various types. There are regular sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, sports sunglasses and lots of professional types like shooter sunglasses. In the eyeglass world, most customers know that they can choose a full-frame, semi rimless or rimless frame. These are the three fundamental forms of frame structure. Full-frame eyeglasses as the most traditional form are losing a certain amount of popularity. More and more people turn to semi-rimless and rimless models. However, what is the situation in the sunwear world in terms of frame structure? Shopping for a proper pair of sunglasses at a local or online store, purchasers will find that nearly all models come in a wrap-around design. It is definitely true that this is almost the standard sunwear design. Nevertheless, it is now also possible to find semi rimless sunglasses.

Regular sunglasses have a full frame wrapping around the lenses, which will offer a maximum degree of UV protection. Another consideration behind this standard design is that sunglasses usually have large lenses. Using a full frame to wrap the big lenses can ensure the stability and durability of the sunwear. The problem of this universal design is that customers’ great passion and diverse needs will be unfortunately undermined. The development of semi rimless sunglasses offers a new option. Except for the new option brought by this sunwear style, it is more important to get a comprehensive evaluation of it. The pros and cons will be equally stated.

With only a half frame wrapping partially the large lenses, it is harder for semi rimless sunglasses to be durable. The reason is obvious that such a tiny frame can not hold the lenses stably. This is similar to the rimless and semi-rimless designs used in prescription eyeglasses. Those products are quite delicate and easier to be broken. Sunglasses made with this design can not bypass this limitation or shortcoming. The upside of these sunglasses is that they bring a modern, attractive look. Using only a half frame also helps reduce the overall weight.

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