Prescription Computer Glasses Protect You From Eye Fatigue And Other CVS Problems

November 13th, 2011 by Stephen Simon Leave a reply »

Exclusively designed for computer users, prescription computer glasses differ immensely from their reading or bifocal counterparts. Unlike reading glasses, which deal with the close up vision correction needed for reading a book held in hands, or bifocals, which feature both close up vision and far vision. These glasses for computer users provide crisp and clear vision for intermediate ranges.

In this age we are living in, one that has increasingly becoming more and more computer-and-network-dependent, people are finding themselves spending more time than ever before in front of computers. First thing in the morning after they step into their offices is turn on their computers and from that on throughout the whole day, they would spend large amount of time being glued to the computer screens either typing rapidly, finishing on the reports due soon or clicking aimlessly, idling away the morning. Nowadays, people do all sorts of things online, through their computers. They buy things through computers, watch TV programs through computers, read through computers, some even have their virtual home built, virtual pets adopted and their spouse chosen on line, hence, “live” through computers. With the frequency of using computers and time spent with computers increased, more and more people are finding themselves suffering eyestrain, headaches, dry eyes, burning, and blurred vision, known as computer vision syndrome (CVS).

With the demand for prescription computer glasses keeping soaring like rockets, online optical stores that sell such unique and helpful glasses appear. Compare with computer glasses bought in real stores, prescription computer glasses online are generally less costly. These cheap computer glasses can also be made into polarized ones if blockage of UV and glare reflected off the computer screens is wanted. Besides, they also come in photochromic lenses, allowing the pair interchange between eyeglasses and sunglasses.


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