Powers of reading eye glasses

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Reading eye glasses can correct presbyopia and help people see close objects in a normal way. In fact, the vision problem of presbyopia has different levels. And glasses for reading also have various magnifying levels, which is formally called dioptre strength or power. Choose the suitable power of reading eye glasses is a critical issue. The proper power can provide you the clear vision as well as the most comforts. Generally, the lens power of glasses for reading varies from +1.0 to +4.0, the smaller number, the lower magnifying effect.

Reading eye glasses with diopter strength of 1.0 provide only a little help in reading. People use this power actually have light vision problem and need not to wear the glasses all the time. Glasses for reading of this power can be replaced by a magnifying glass.

Reading eye glasses with a 1.5 magnifying level have a slight higher magnification. This level of glasses for reading originates from the idea of Benjamin Frankin. So if he is still living, he will certainly be amazed at the various styles of these reading eye glasses.

A 2.0 power makes reading eye glasses have a medium magnifying strength. With these glasses for reading, you can see menus in the hotels clearly with no hardness.

Reading eye glasses with higher powers are seldom used, such as 3.0 and 4.0. But they are necessary for those with severe vision problems.

The power of reading eye glasses can be simply decided by the distance you normally hold your reading materials from your eyes. Glasses for reading should perform without straining your eyes.

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