Multifunctional dark glasses

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Dark glasses are glasses which have dark-colored lenses to protect your eyes in the sunshine. Sunglasses may be colored, polarized and darkened, so that dark glasses are just one type of sunglasses. The lenses of dark glasses are capable of blocking fierce sunshine. This is the original motivation of its invention.

However, after a long period of development, dark glasses are more commonly used for other intentions. They have long been associated with celebrities and film stars who have the desire to hide or mask their identity in the public. Many celebrities even wear dark glasses while receiving any interview so that their eyes and expressions won’t become too obvious. Dark glasses help hide their eyes which could reveal their emotions. Some people also use dark glasses to cover their dark circles.

Dark glasses also showed in an old fairy. The fairy said that a man worn his dark glasses for so many years that he had forgotten that he had them on. As time passed by, he became increasingly depressed because everything around was darker than he remembered from his childhood. Then he went to meet a scientist and even a psychiatrist. They never realized that the problem was caused by the man’s dark glasses. Finally, when the man played game with his grandchild, the girl grabbed his dark glasses off and finally he found the truth.

In fact, some experts advise not to wear dark glasses. They explain that eyes are organs that are designed for light. Sun light is natural and beneficial for human civilization. Dark glasses starve your eyes for light and energy that is transferred through the sun.


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