Metal Sunglasses: The Best Decision You Will Ever Make

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According to the material of the frames, sunglasses mainly fall into two categories: plastic sunglasses and metal sunglasses. Among the two, metal sunglasses undisputedly enjoy a considerable larger preference by manufacturers and consumers alike. Metal sunglasses are even hotter. As everyone knows, the current trend in the sunglasses world calls for masculinity and boldness. Hence many of the lenses are super large, as in the case of aviator sunglasses and wraparound sunglasses. As a result, the frames should be make strong enough so they can keep the lenses in place just fine. In the competition of strength and durability, metal sunglasses inevitably beat their plastic counterparts at not even a slight advantage.
metal sunglasses

Besides being strong and therefore durable, metal sunglasses also feature a different look than the plastic ones. While the plastic sunglasses may look simple and lightweight, metal sunglasses give out a diversity of looks. Thin wire framed aviators are a combination of simplicity and sophistication, while rectangular ones gives a sexy look. Different metal material sometimes constitutes different looks as well. While stainless steal is always the perfect choice if you want to go for the simple and clean look. You can always find the color or look that reflects your personality or even suit your mood on a particular day.

metal sunglass

In even a not so promising competition, the lightweight aspect of the frames, metal sunglasses don’t lag behind that far from plastic sunwear. Traditionally, one would reasonably presume that metal sunglasses are quit heavy. Well that presumption might perfectly holds in the old days, but no any more. With the usage of stainless steal and titanium and many other alloys in the frames, metal sunglasses can be made just as lightweight as plastic ones. And in the case of some memory materials like titanium, metal sunglasses can even be made bendable, which means they are proof to bend and other strong pressure, making them even more durable than they already are.

Generally speaking, buying at least one pair of metal sunglasses is the best decision you will ever make when it comes to buying sunglasses.


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