Metal glasses

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Metal glasses frame, mainly made of metal alloy and stainless steel, is the most frequently used material. Metal is strong, lightweight and corrosion-resistant and retains its color for a long period of time. Metal frames had to be gold or silver or rimless and that was about it. But now, metal frames feature some gorgeous earpieces, fantastic colors, and other features that make them a fashion win.

Almost every pair of metal eyeglasses do have nose pads. The nose pad is often a small plastic piece, usually no thicker than the lens of the glasses themselves. Its main purpose is to protect the nose from unwanted pressure from the tight frames of the glasses. If you have a small nose, then a metal frame with built-in nose pads may be a great option for you. It is difficult for you to get plastic frames to stay in place without the benefit of nose pads holding them in place.

Although most plastic frames are designed to be lightweight too, if you are looking for an extremely light-to-wear eyeglasses frame, you may want to try on some of the new metal frames. Even with a full rim, some of these frames are lighter than a plastic frame. The thin rims and the smaller temples, combined with light metal alloy material used to make the frames, create a feather-light feel. If you want something even lighter, then a semi-rimless metal frame would also do the trick!

Looking for a bright and shiny colored frame? You can find a variety of great metal frames in fantastic colors. The new metals are red, blue, purple, pink, and more, and they come in a great assortment of combinations as well. I just tried on a cool pair of blue frames that had a great look. I have also noticed some great looking leopard or cheetah prints that look clear and bold on a metal frame.

Some of the hottest looks in glasses today are the barely-there look. If the bold eyeglasses look isn’t quite your style, than a metal frame may offer the kind of subtlety you desire.


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