Large Frame Reading Sunglasses: Men’s Favourite For the Summer

September 15th, 2011 by Scott Mozayeni Leave a reply »

Reading outdoors is a pleasure rarely matched in life. Especially during the summer, with the freeze blowing and the sun high in the sky, nothing beats a trip to the beach and a day of sunbathing and reading. Normally, people wear sunglasses to keep their eyes from the damaging ultraviolet rays. However, for those who already have to wear a pair of prescription glasses to help them with their accommodation errors, there exist a problem. They can’t just throw on a pair of shades over their normal reading glasses and have the issue solved. That would be not only unsightly, but also plain rediculous. To them, a pair of shades that combines both the functions of eyeglasses and sunglasses may come in handy. That is to say, they need a pair of reading sunglasses. These unique shades not only provide the UV protection and glare blocking like your regular sunglasses, and they also have the required prescription powers and magnifying powers that fit your particular reading needs.

reading sunglasses

Being the No. 1 choice when it comes to summer reading gadgets, reading sunglasses come in a huge fusion of styles. Based on the style of the frames, these shades mainly fall into the following categories: large frame, aviator and wrap arounds. It is true that aviators has been traditionally considered the choice to give that macho and masculine look. Made popular by action flicks like Top Gun in the 80s, these shades have become an icon of manly look. Recently, however, alongside the unending love and craze about aviators, there emerges a growing favor and preference toward the large frame reading sunglasses. These large framed shades are the perfect embodiments of the modern urban lifestyle and they provide you with that celebrity vibe like no other. Having on a pair of large frame reading sunglasses immediately makes a man the center of the crowd. They catch eyes when you are walking down the street and leave people talking about you after you ditch a club. They are the ultimate men’s shades.

reading sunglasses

Combining reading glasses and sunglasses in one, reading sunglasses are definitely seeing a future with more and more followers and users from all over the world who enjoy taking their reading table outdoors and into the beach. And if you ask me what type of reading shades you should get as the next birthday present for your son or hubsband, go for the large frames. They are the most hip and popular style of sunglasses out there and they give that dominate look your man will undoubtedly appreciate.


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