INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY —— Be the Queen of Yourself |

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International Women’s Day is all about women, here we celebrate this day and the greatness of all girls around the world. Just in this day, get a bold new look as the beautiful and empowered trueself that you are. So, we’ve compiled our favourite Three Styles that will help you feel ready to refresh your own style!


Be Bold to Change




Those looking to invest a little more fantasy into their eyewear should consider these quirky, high-fashion Cat-eye frames.

A classy pair of glasses with dedicate detailing on the temple arms and attractively curved sides. These refined glasses will add a touch of enchanting flair to any outfit and are right on-trend which can make the perfect statement for fashion-conscious or artsy women. Just try them on —— you’ll never want to let go.




tig Be Hero of Yourself




Who has said that women can’t be cool? For modern ladies, they certainly need the flattering aviator frames with contemporary design and style. Such a fresh and playful pair of glasses, with thin full-frames and delicate metal arms complete with the Firmoo logo. No doubt that it makes your face angular and brings a cool allure and untamable breath. Be hero of yourself to underline your creative personality!




tig Stay Young and Vivacious




What can express your age, isn’t just limited to the clothes you wear but extends to the accessories too.

These fashion-forward Firmoo #F18902A glasses feature the bold and semi-transparent patterned sides. These high fashion pairs look like they’ve been taken straight off the exhition stand with their loud, multi-coloured pattern and unique style. With the square shape and slightly rounded angles, they will look incredible on your petite face – not to mention that such frames will be one of the hottest silhouettes of the moment among modern ladies.



We know how powerful women can be – everyone would mean nothing without them – so celebrate this day with all women around you, cherish them and help those who need it. And don’t forget to check out our WOMEN Collection. Happy Women’s Day!


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