How to Recolor Metal Frame Glasses

April 17th, 2011 by Jay Furlong Leave a reply »

Sometimes people may be bored with the frame color if they wear a same pair of metal glasses too long. So they may want to change their eyeglasses frame colors without changing another new pair of glasses. How to achieve this purpose? Here I have a good suggestion, namely recoloring it with paint.

There are many paints various in colors available in the chemicals shops. You can choose any color that you like with only $5 to $8 per can. After getting the paint, you can begin to recolor your eyeglasses by the following steps.

Before painting, you should disassemble the lenses and nose pad and then tighten the screws up. If it is inconvenient to disassemble the lenses, you can paint the glasses by sticking papers on them so that to prevent the lenses from being painted. After that, rub off the original color with a fine sand paper and abrade all the parts to be painted once.

After finishing the preparation work, you should begin to paint. Tie an iron wire at the folded part between the glasses frame and legs to facilitate the painting. After the first painting is completed, wait for five minutes and then continue the second painting.

Place the glasses at a ventilated place for drying for 4 hours, and then install the lenses and nose pad. Do not apply too much force while tightening the screw so as to avoid breaking the glasses.

Apart from the above method, nail polish is also a nice choice for recoloring metal frame glasses. But you should be more careful to paint the frame uniformly while using nail polish.

Actually, if your eyeglass is not expensive I suggest you buy a new pair instead of recoloring it. Through this way, you cannot only change your eyeglasses frame color but also change its style. Isn’t it nice?


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