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Plano glasses also named non-prescription glasses, which do not have power in lenses. Plano glasses are an eye protective equipment or safety spectacles used by workers in a hazardous workplace to protect against eye injuries caused by flying dust, dirt, metal, wood chips and other particles, as well liquid chemicals and vapors. Plano glasses may be worn be by people who do not require vision correction for a fashion purpose.

Some work places have potentially hazardous flying solid materials, liquid chemicals and vapors that might cause permanent or temporary injuries to worker’s eyes. Such hazards may arise from flying solid particles from chipping, grinding, drilling, sawing, hammering activities and powered tools or blowers, splashes from solvents, detergents, hazardous chemicals or hot liquids, swinging objects that might accidentally hit or scratch the eyes while working, heat, sparks and intense light while doing hot works such as welding and cutting. Plano glasses must fit a worker’s face properly in order to be effective. They should not restrict the normal vision and eye movements of the user and must be reasonably impact protective. It is ideal that these lenses are clear, scratch free, washable and reusable for some time.

Moreover, more people would love to get a pair of Plano glasses as fashion accessary. Except fashion function of Plano glasses, you can get more benefit from wearing fashionable Plano glasses. For example, they can help you show different styles that you seldom show to others. If you want to go classic today, you can wear aviator glasses that are always classic items to spice up your look. If you want to be bold tomorrow, you can set your hands on large black glasses that are quite hot such as big black nerd glasses. What’s more, Plano glasses can draw some attention from your face parts that you are not satisfied with like your dark circle. Or you can wear oversized eyeglasses to make your chubby face look smaller and prettier. Is that tempting?


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