Clip On Sunglasses For Men: Killing Two Birds With One Stone

September 27th, 2011 by Scott Mozayeni Leave a reply »

Are you sick and tired of constantly switching between shades and glasses on an already unbearably fast paced day? Do you often find yourself looking at those jaw-droppingly expensive prescription shades and feeling skeptical at the very thought of your not very handsome payrolls? If yes, you might want to check out clip on sunglasses. For outdoorsy men who are obsessed with sports and other outdoor activities, clip on sunglasses may turn out to be one of their favorites.

Unlike your regular conventional shades or glasses, clip on sunglasses come in two sets of lenses. The base set with frames is clear lenses of prescription powers that provide the vision correction you will need. The extra set is UV lenses that you add on to the base set when UV protection is needed. The two sets of lenses are attached together easily and tightly via clips or magnetic. Although the methods may vary, both types of clip on sunglasses are equally users friendly and impact proof.

With their ingeniously unique designs, clip on sunglasses come in handy in a variety of occasions in our daily lives. For instance, when you suddenly decide to take a stroll in the sunshine lit outdoors or need to headed out for a business trip, you don’t have to switch to a pair of shades and thereafter compromise the vision correction. You can just have on one pair of clip on sunglasses and the problem will be solved easily. Likewise, when you are engaging in any aggressive outdoorsy activities or sports that require not only safety from toxic UV rays but also sharp vision and acute observation, clip on sunglasses fit the bill just as well.

Compared with progressive glasses, which is also capable of offering both UV protection and vision correction at the same time, clip on sunglasses are more readily affordable. Besides, they are available in almost every style and color choices out there, making them an ideal choice for men and women all over the world.


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