Choose the Best Sunglasses for Your Love

April 19th, 2010 by Stephen Simon Leave a reply »

You always want to buy the best things for your love to say how much you love him or her. The best clothes, the best wallet and the best ornament are not enough. In such hot summer days, another idea occurs to you, to buy sweetheart the best sunglasses.

Facing sunglasses of various styles, you can’t help asking yourself—What are the best sunglasses? Are they Gucci, Chanel or Prada? Actually, the best sunglasses are not always those designers which cost you a lot but may offer a little. The fact is that the best sunglasses are those that suit one most.

If your sweetheart has a round face, the best sunglasses should be those with thick frames and dark lenses which make the round face lean; if a square face, it is suggested the best sunglasses be those that are wider than the face so that facial profiles soften; if a long face, polygonal ones are the best sunglasses, so are the oblate ones, for they shape the facial form plump; if a small face, thin frame sunglasses grouped with the elegant blue, purple or sandy beige lenses produce a ludicrous effect. As for those people who have oval faces have a wide selection. Either round or square frames, as long as they are right in size, can be the best sunglasses for them.

Of course, the best sunglasses should be a perfect combination of protection, quality and style. Therefore, when you choose one, make sure the lenses are 100% UV resistance and made out of high quality materials that will not do harm to eyes. You love is deserved to get the best sunglasses.


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