Aviator Sunglasses- Icons of Men’s Style

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There are a great number of dazzling goods displayed in the counter. What kind of products or goods can be called icon especially for men? A menswear icon maybe is a suit of clothes, a pair of shoes or a watch with limited edition. No matter what kind it is, a menswear icon is a staple of the male wardrobe that has held this position over years and years. I am here to share one of the very classic icons with you, aviator sunglasses. I personally think that there is no other thing, which can surpass it then become the icon of men. In 1986’s Top Gun student fighter pilots played by Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer competed to be the best in their class. Maybe it is hard for people or fans to imitate their clothes-flying suits for much of the film. However, the aviator sunglasses in that film sparked massive worldwide sales from then on.

Unisex metal full rim Aviator wrap-around Rx sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses also attract most people’s eyes in other films before and since. In the Spirit of St Louis about Charles Lindbergh’s pioneering trans-Atlantic flight, James Stewart wore a similar style; in Easy Rider, Peter Fonda also wore aviator sunglasses. Moreover, in several later period pieces, aviator sunglasses also win much glory, for example, in 13 Days, in Almost Famous and Pearl Harbor. All these film make promote it to be the top classic item.

Unisex metal full frame Aviator wrap-around Rx sunglasses

Due to these classic movies, fashion may have take note of the style. However, as to the film designer, they just pursue the authenticity of film’s costume. Now, as the times gone by, aviator sunglasses have been changed a lot from functions to styles, but they are mainly express the men’s masculine. Nowadays, aviator sunglasses can offer a clear field of vision and minimize the ultraviolet and infrared radiation for Air Force pilots. This commission was effectively responsible for the Ray-Ban company being established. In 1935 the military designated the style it helped to create as the Type D-1; the first time Aviators went on sale to the public was in 1936, when Ray-Ban was formed.

Generally speaking, aviator sunglasses change with the times, which will win more glory among man and become the classic icon eternally.


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