Attach Importance of Eye Health Maintenance

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God creates men for the sake of letting them see and praise the greatness of His creation; therefore, He endows eyes to human. With eyes, man is able to see the green trees and red flowers; with eyes, man is able to connect their inner being to the outer world; with eyes, man is able to look into others’ hearts and express feelings without words; with eyes, man is given a sense of belonging to this beautiful worlds. That is the reason why eyes are referred as the windows of our soul. Therefore, the significance of our eyes is obvious.

However, in today’s society, our eyes are facing a tough situation where pollution is anywhere, which is very bad for eyes health. For example, computer, a tool that brings us much convenience and happiness, is also of a main source of invisible pollution; when one works long before a computer, his or her eyes not only feel strained but also harmed by radiation. In addition, electronic, gadgets, and dust, etc. constitute other elements harmful to eyes. Although, our eyes are born to possess protective shields in form of eyebrow and eyelashes; when foreign matter enter eyes, tears produce which is able to help make those foreign matter outflow, necessary eye care should be done to reduce the risks of the effects of excessive strain.

Since eye is the most sensitive part of our body, nutrition to eyes is of importance. Taking right quantity of Vitamin A is helpful; a steady intake of minerals is also essential to maintain good eyesight. Besides, some topical applications are thought to be advantageous. For example, to refrigerate a teaspoon for a few minutes and then to put on the eyes and to take two bags of black tea and dab them onto the eyes for 15 to 20 minutes before going to bed.

Apart from the nutritional therapy listed above, some eye exercises should also be taken regularly. When you have been sitting before a computer or a TV, or reading books for a long time, the easiest way to ease eyes is to do some eye exercises. If you do not know how to do, there are a lot of books with relative information, you can buy some. Into the bargain, taking along eye drops or solutions to moisten the eyes is essential, for the reason that our eyes are easy to get dry, especially in windy days, so that dust particles can be removed. It is suggested to clean with a compression of a chamomile infusion on the eyes for at least 10 minutes.

Another way to maintain eye health is to apply to some creams to surrounding eye skin areas, which is usually done by ladies. By this way, our eyes are not so inclined to get dark circles and regain elasticity of the skin around them, making us a whole day refreshing and vigorous.

One thing noteworthy is that children should recognize the importance of eye health. They should do a lot more with their eyes than the adults do, for they are in their growth period and eyes condition are not stable, besides which they have to pay extra attention to words and letters for study. Thus they are more prone to strain. Therefore, children should especially attach importance to their eyes.


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