About Rimless Sunglasses

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Rimless sunglasses are those sunglasses with no frames, whose lenses are jointed by the nose bridge, attaching directly with tiny screws. It has been around for years since the inception, but rimless sunglasses have never been more popular and fashionable than they ever have been over the past ten years. Because rimless sunglasses are not only a fashion statement but also have other benefits.

For their frameless styles, rimless sunglasses provide a minimalistic and light weight look. People who wear rimless sunglasses will seem to wear no glasses at all which make it easier for those who always bother about choosing suitable frame shape that balance their facial forms, because the wrong frame can accentuate their angular or round features. Instead, almost invisible, rimless sunglasses are more forgiving even if the lens shape isn’t exactly ideal.

However, there are some misunderstanding among some people who have an idea that rimless sunglasses are of monotonous styles, either rectangular or round because of their simple structures. Although composing of hinges, nose pads, the bridges and arms, rimless sunglasses can also be designed to be as varied as transitional framed sunglasses, from Aviator style to oversized style, from polarized performance to prescription performance and so on. Rimless style does not constitute an obstacle to varieties.

Generally speaking, rimless sunglasses with a clean, simple and lightweight look will be or have already been a new fashion trend in sunglasses sphere. They have been the favor for everyone from top models to athletes and anyone else on the go.

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