A Guide To Shopping Prescription Sunglasses For Big Heads

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People with big (or wide, fat) heads often find themselves having incredible difficulties when shopping prescription sunglasses. A friend of mine, whose head isn’t necessarily big, but certainly very wide, always complains to me about how he would know 90% of the frames won’t fit even before he goes to that optical store in his neighborhood, and when he actually gets there and try on the 10% that’s left. Only one or two pairs aren’t that annoying on his face, which are one or two pairs with styles he wasn’t a fan of. Pathetic as his experience is, my friend certainly isn’t alone. Every year, thousands and thousands of people who may have come out a little pumped on the head, which is perfectly attractive aesthetically and a sign of good health, have the same experience as my friend’s when it’s time to change their glasses. Just not that many frames will fit, they complained. Well, is that really the case? It’s true that compared with ordinary size ones, sunglasses for big headed people are relatively harder to find, but that doesn’t mean they are not to be found. With the necessary information and methods, you will easily find them. So, don’t always complain they are not there to be found, you just need to look in the right place.

prescription sunglasses for big heads

Speaking of shopping prescription sunglasses for big headed people, one thing that always bothers our friends is that the arms of these shades are never long enough. What’s supposed to stick behind their ears never even reach there? Well, for this common complaint, there are two feasible solutions. One is to opt for bigger and larger frames. Normally, every line in many brands offers different sizes. With the larger size comes a longer arm. So, next time you are at your local optical stores, try on that largest size if you have to and see if their arms are long enough. If, however, even the largest frames don’t offer arms long enough, you would have to shift to those frames with adjustable arms. These frames are with arms that can be adjusted according to the wearer’s particular condition. They are widely available and come in various trendy styles as well. Sometimes, however, neither of the two solutions will do, and that’s when you need to call up one of those fancy stores and have your shades custom made. That might be a little costly but compared with the comfort you will get, the money is really not a big deal.

prescription sunglasses for big head

Another constant grumble that I hear a lot concerning shopping prescription sunglasses for big heads is simple and direct: where do I find them? You may say of what I’ve written above: yeah, what you are suggesting is all fine and worth trying, but what if my local stores just don’t have those adjustable frames and super large frames and what if we don’t got no custom making sunglasses in our community. Well, very nice question and my answer to that would be the Internet. With the Internet, you can purchase your ideal pair of shades without even stepping out of your room. For those who have difficulties finding shades fitting their head sizes, big glasses frames online would be the perfect way to go. These days, numerous online optical stores offer shades framed in all possible sizes. Whether you want a top brand pair that you normally would find in a high street store or are just looking for a pair of cheap large framed glasses that will block the sunlight and help you see, prescription sunglasses for big heads online is your choice.

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