Who need oval sunglasses?

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Supposed to provide eye protection against UV light outdoor and indoor, sunglasses produced by famous and emerging brands are available in traditionally dark color as well as modern fantastic colors like yellow, green, orange and the like. This diversification in frame and lens colors stands for modern sunwear users’ wide variety of appearance pursuit. Yet frame and lens coloring is not the sole approach to sunwear decoration. The frame shape is also a critical or even the most important element of an eyewear frame. Many people may have been quite familiar with the classic Aviator sunglasses. These sunwear models appear mainly in a combinational shape of round and square. There are also some similar sunwear shapes designed by other brands, which proves the extreme popularity of the Aviator style. However, this does not mean that all sunglasses are limited to this shape and this is the single option. There are still oval sunglasses, square sunglasses, oblong sunglasses etc.

It is theoretically feasible to make sunglasses in any wanted shape. People living on this planet can be grouped according to seven basic facial shapes, namely, round, oval, oblong, base-down triangle, base-up triangle, diamond and square. It has been widely recognized by eyewear professionals that it is important to realize a balance between facial features and frame features in terms of shape. Based on this criterion, it is acceptable to say that there should be related frame models in corresponding shapes as seven facial shapes. For instance, oval sunglasses should be available for people with an oblong or square face. In this way, the frame will successfully offset some obvious features, or exactly angles, of the face. This consideration is almost the same as that of regular prescription eyeglasses.

The mentioned seven or more sunwear shapes are just theoretically feasible. The current sunglass market has actually been predominated by only quite a few models in similar shapes, like rectangular and oval-square. Oval sunglasses are actually rarely seen. More common models come in oval variations.

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