What are determined by a typical eyeglasses model?

August 1st, 2010 by Jay Furlong Leave a reply »

The word “model” is commonly used to refer to a typical product while different customers try to make reviews. Some people also say a discontinued model that is no longer produced by the manufacturer. Well, this word is also widely discussed in the eyewear world. And an eyeglasses model is the exact phrase describing a regular type of eyeglasses. Eyewear users must have also heard of a pair of glasses and probably a collection of eyeglasses. In brief, these terms are different from an eyewear model. The differences among them are actually similar to that in other industries. Eyewear products are largely visual devices and it is necessary to make clear that what are determined or included by a typical eyewear model.

Since it is a universal term in eyeglass, sunglass and sportswear industries, those specific functions or visual helps are precluded. So, an eyeglasses model is irrelevant to a patient’s detailed prescription, his or her need for UV protection or eye injury prevention. This term is mainly used to differentiate a typical eyewear frame from another, in terms of solely appearance. Most of us know that an eyewear frame has its own shape, size, color, material, structure and overall style. Generally speaking, a glasses model should be designed with detailed consideration into all of these aspects. For eyewear designers working hard to make frame innovations, each of these facets should be taken into account. An innovative model may make a single breakthrough in one of these aspects. But it is enough to be distinctive.

These mentioned factors are not equally helpful in developing an innovative eyeglasses model. The reason is that there have been certain traditional concepts. For example, only full-frame, semi-rimless and rimless styles are optional when a designer considers the frame structure. Similarly, frame shapes are to some extent quite limited. Fortunately, it is possible to make various variations of frame size, frame color and even material. More and more eyewear designers and manufacturers choose to use mixed elements in developing creative models.


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