Three compound forms of vision eyeglasses

August 9th, 2010 by Mark Burns Leave a reply »

In this article, we talk about vision eyeglasses, which refer to eyewear products that are use for either vision correction or eye protection. In some cases, they are also called optical glasses or optics glasses. The second explanation clearly shows that these products use optical lenses which have certain optical features. The meaning of optical is “connected with the sense of sight or the relationship between light and sight”. Taking the second part, optical lenses are quite critical and they can be considered as a bridge between the surrounding light and the wearer’s eyesight. Evaluating their functionality of vision correction, there are regular prescription eyeglasses, such as myopia glasses, hyperopia glasses and presbyopia or reading glasses. Focusing on other capabilities, optical lenses can be used to produce regular sunglasses and protective goggles.

All these products are the original forms that take advantage of only one facet of optical lenses. They can be considered as simple forms of vision eye glasses. But actually there are some compound forms of vision eyeglasses, which refer to vision spectacles that combine two or more functions together. Until now, any two of the original forms eyewear can be combined. And consequential products are prescription sunglasses, sports or performance sunglasses and bifocal or trifocal safety glasses.

Prescription sunglasses are able to compromise regular vision problems like myopia and hyperopia, and offer proper eye protection against hazardous UV light. This form of vision glasses can be considered as a combinational product of regular Rx eyeglasses and regular UV sunglasses. Compared with these regular forms, prescription sunwear marked a significant improvement. Sports or performance sunglasses are also combinational products that they should be made with extra impact resistance because they will get involved in risky sports. Certainly, UV protection will be firstly guaranteed. Taking advantage of certain lens treatments, these vision eyeglasses will help athletes and amateurs improve performance. Bifocal and trifocal safety glasses are compound eyewear that is used by presbyopic patients working in a dangerous workplace. For this group of people, these products are very helpful.


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