The special functions of dark eyeglasses

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Regular eyeglasses for vision correction come all in clear lenses. This is understandable and currently a large number of individuals need these devices. But many people may have seen a person wearing dark eyeglasses in public. In most cases, the eyes behind such a dark pair of glasses are invisible or unclear. This creates a certain degree of mystery. And in fact, these glasses in large frames can cover a large portion of the face, making some facial features invisible. Some individuals may get confused about such a practice that why do these people shield their eyes by wearing a pair of dark spectacles? In other words, what is the function of dark eyewear in this case? This article tries to give a few convincing reasons of using these glasses.

A first explanation of wearing dark eyeglasses can be UV protection. Eyeglass lenses tinted in a dark color can protect the wearer’s eyes from the glare of the sun. In this sense, these glasses can actually be called sunglasses, the original form of sunglasses. It is true that contemporary sunglasses come in mostly colorful lenses and frames. Optional colors include green, orange, blue and even purple, not to say other unusually ones such as peachy and camouflage. This great change probably makes many people do not know that sunglasses with dark lenses are the initial form. In the early 20th century, sunglasses with darkened lenses were called sun cheaters, because cheaters was at that time widely used as an American slang term for glasses.

Dark eyeglasses are not limited to the provision of eye protection against harmful rays in the sun. Since they have darkened lenses which are opaque, they can help some people shield their eyes intentionally. It may sound strange but there are really some circumstances which require such an effect. For instance, the blind group usually does not want others to see their eyes, which may have been injured and left an ugly appearance. Preventing the non-functioning and probably strange eyes is definitely an understandable practice taken by blind individuals. Another group who needs dark spectacles frequently is the celebrities. They are very likely to avoid being recognized by fans in public and eyeglasses with dark lenses are a good help.

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