The most recent Fashion Sunglasses

April 24th, 2010 by Randa Nahl Leave a reply »

Not until 1970s did sunglasses come to a change which gave special emphasis to the design besides functional features. The slogan “the glasses for the dress” marks the start for the era of fashion sunglasses. Currently, fashion sunglass has been an ornament that make the gentle gentler, the cute cuter, and the cool cooler. And then what are the most recent fashion sunglasses , let’s take a look.

Emilio Pucci fashion sunglass, the latest craze all over the world launches a batch of new products, distinguishing itself by the audacious applications of amounts of bright colors, from intense violet to blackish green, which bring refreshment to the dog days of summer. Additionally, legs with geometric patterns endow Emilio Pucci fashion sunglasses with third dimension.

Frogskin fashion sunglass brought out by Oakley, which is only permitted sold in Paul Smith franchised stores with a limited sales volume of 500 pairs, must be one of the hot items worthy of being collected in 2010. As the name implies, frogskin fashion sunglasses are featured with frogskin-like frames but colored differently. What’s more, Oakley frogskin fashion sunglasses made out of rubber materials made themselves the favor of celebrities and trend-spotters.

LV( Louis Vuitton) this year launches a pair of unique fashion sunglass to welcome the spring when flowers blossom. The hollowed-out design plus brilliant violet lenses make this LV fashion sunglasses a really creative work, not to mention to little flower-like logo bringing another charm of gentleness.

2010 Fashion sunglasses will bring you another different spring and summer, putting you under the spotlight.


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