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Shatterproof products from WileyX

August 18th, 2010

WileyX by Protective Optics was founded in 1986 and aimed to manufacture shatterproof eye gear for US Military Special Forces and Law Enforcement agencies nationwide. WileyX has along been focused on the need for eyewear retail markets that emphasize impact resistance mostly. WileyX has taken unremitting efforts to promote and advertise in the market. Wiley X eyewear has gained wide recognition from motorcycle shops, sporting goods, sports shooting, golf sunglasses and extreme sports retailers.

WileyX provides products for motorcycle, racing, fishing and so on. All WileyX products including goggles, sunglasses and gloves have ANSI Z87 certification. WileyX is one of the few companies that can prescribe frames with 8 base curvatures. Customers can easily fill their prescription and WileyX will do the rest. The official website of the company is

For military use, security and impact resistance are some of the most important issues. Wiley X eyewear uses shatterproof, selenite, polycarbonate lenses for all of its styles. Some models of Wiley x eyewear can withstand a 12 gauge shotgun blast from 10 yard away, which helps Wiley X eyewear to get both national and international fames. Because of its reliable products over years, WileyX has become a standard provider for FBI, D.E.A, Army Rangers, Navy Seal Teams and Military Special Forces.

Wiley X eyewear has many series, such as Street Series, Changeable Series, Active Series, Classic Series and Climate Control Series. All WileyX series are fully guaranteed for one year. Of course, scratched lenses are not covered in free repair. Wiley X eyewear will not accept returns and exchanges without prior authorization. Once authorized, customers should also pay the shipping charges, both inbound and outbound.