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White sunglasses have been popular for many years

July 24th, 2010

When summer weather begins to heat up, summer attire and other accessories will follow. Sunglasses have been a major accessory which helps block harmful rays contained in sunlight. In addition to this functional help, sunshades mean a lot in terms of fashion enjoyment and appearance enhancement. Nowadays, sunwear manufacturers try to find any possible ways to design new sunglasses in innovative styles, colors and even shapes. In retrospect to the history of sunglasses, there have been some classic designs using different elements. White sunglasses are a historic style and now are sold by lots retailers as a form of retro sunglasses. Most of us may have heard of sunglasses in other colors, like orange, yellow, purple, rose, green, and so forth. Neglecting their differences, these products have greatly supported the diverse demands from customers.

But we should be clear that sunglasses in different colors have dramatic differences. In most cases, the colors refer to sunglass lenses. They are exactly called sunglass lens tints. Until now, possible lens tints include green, yellow, orange, amber, rose, brown, and gray. These tints applied to sunglass lenses can offer additional advantages in specific lighting conditions. However, some other colors can not be applied to sunwear lenses. This can be exemplified by white sunglasses. This prevailing style does not refer to sunglasses that have white lenses, but white frames. This color is not transparent and lenses in this color will not allow light to pass through. Making this point clear is really important. Sunglasses with a white frame can create a unique look for lots of people. It is completely feasible to paint the whole frame white and an alternate is to add another color, creating a two-tone effect.

White sunglasses have stayed in the top fashion world for many years. And lots of celebrities have used these sunshades. As early as in 1967, Audrey Hepburn used a pair of white sunshades in a huge size, which seem completely like the wrap-around sunglasses of recent years. The movie titled “Two for the Road” has witnessed her image with white sunwear. Another example is that Princess Diana was photographed with white sunshades in 1989. During the past decades, white sunwear has remained as one of the most popular design.