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Advanced Lasik with Wavefront system

November 14th, 2009

Wavefront system is the most advanced technique available today in Lasik surgery. It is a computer assisted mapping system which is first developed for use on adjusting the optics of the telescopes. Because almost every mirror that is made on earth has abnormalities, which is caused by the gravitiational pull of the earth existing all the time during the process of making mirrors. In order to get a clear picture of the outer space of solar system, the wavefront mapping system is developed to eliminate the effect of all abnormalities of the mirror.

After years of development in the field of astronomy, wavefront mapping system has become a tried technology, and introduced to Lasik surgery. It is now utilized on every type of eye laser surgery today, for instance, Lasik, PRK, LESIK, Epi-Lasik, and IntraLase.

Wavefront mapping system is used in two periods, before and during the Lasik surgery procedure. Before the Lasik surgery, wavefront mapping system is used to exam the eye condition, to judge if the patient is a suitable candidate for Lasik surgery. There is about 6% of the American people is not suitable to undergo a Lasik surgery. Because there maybe a high risk of getting side effect during the surgery due to the bad condition of the patient’s eye, or there is the possibility of not being corrected to 20/20 vision though Lasik surgery. If the patient is a suitable candidate, then the wavefront mapping system can calculate exactly how to reshape the eye for 20/20 vision.

After the initial exam, the wavefront mapping system will be used to guide the laser to reshape the exactly area of the corneal during the Lasik surgery. It makes the process more precise than the traditional ones. Although the wavefront mapping system can give the best possible result, it is important to know that not all patients will achieve 20/20 vision even use this advanced guiding system.