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Vision health care of computer users

November 6th, 2009

Vision health care has become a routine part of computer users’ lives. Surveys show nearly 50% of adult computer users with a college education are myopia in USA, and a child in America spend several hours on a computer while doing homework, surfing the internet, playing video games and talking online with little regard for eye health care. Definitely, vision health care is becoming more and more important to computer users.

Many vision health care doctors who specialize in children’s eye health care say sustain computer use puts kids at higher risk for childhood myopia. Some people have a misunderstand in vision health care that it is necessary to wear a special eye protection when working on the computer, but according to eye health care experts, computer screens do not emit enough harmful rays to cause eye damage.

Relieving eyestrains is one of the important vision health care measures to computer users. As eye health care experts often pointed out, computer users should look up and far away about every 15 minutes preferably out a window or across a room. Also, a people who always work on a computer is supposed to see the vision health care practitioners for regular eye health care and exams, for computer users can develop vision changes, an outdated prescription may cause lots of eyestrain.

In addition, proper computer glasses are also good for computer users’ vision health care; they are available for those who have trouble focusing on a screen. Of course, a person who has urgent questions regarding vision health care, it is better to call an eye health care practitioner for personal vision health care advice on the treatment of one’s own specific condition.