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Buying and collecting vintage eyeglasses for collection or fashion purpose

July 5th, 2010

Buying vintage eyeglasses is not only limited for the purpose of fashion statement or showing up personality. Many people collect vintage eyeglass for collection purpose.

People buy vintage eye glasses as collectibles manly for two reasons. One is that some vintage eyeglasses may be made of precious metals such as gold and silver, or some vintage eyeglasses may be studded with valuable stones or even diamond. For these types of vintage eyeglasses, the value lies in both the antique frame styles and its clinging gold or diamond. The other reason is its antique look and style which represents an era when the vintage eyeglass was made. You can also know about the then level of materials industry and craftsmanship. These vintage eye glasses will narrate a story in most of the cases.

Before buying vintage eyeglass, you need to have some notion of the time era when the vintage eyeglasses were made and popularized. For most of the vintage eyeglass buyers, they mostly get some idea from movies, pictures and even some paintings about the vintage eye glasses. These days, we can never forget about the internet where virtually we can find everything we need.

After determining the look and era of the vintage eyeglass, the next step may turn to where to buy these antiques. You may try some thrift stores for dead stock, or you may ask your own or your friends’ grandparents to see if they are holding some from the old times. Of cause, the web stores are always the most convenient destinations for hunting vintage eyeglasses.

Vintage eyeglasses are not always reusable for new prescriptions, and it depends on the status and quality of the vintage eyeglass. If you have some vintage eye glasses from half century ago, and still in good shape, you may try to send to your local optician for fitting in new lenses. Wearing such a vintage eyeglasses mostly will apart you from the crowd, and many may ask you where you get this. Please note your occasional sporting of your vintage eye glasses may trigger another cycle of vogue of the fashion piece.