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UV Sunglasses For Women Readers: A Must Have On A Modern Woman’s Wardrobe List

September 20th, 2011

Nowadays, being a women means more than staying at home, doing the cooking and laundry and taking care of the kids. Successful women choose to leave home, have their education and take their well-deserved positions in the office world. They work hard, perform well and some even single-handedly run the world’s biggest enterprises that influence the well being of all the human being. After decades of dramatic feminist movements, women play a more important role in our society than ever before. Alongside that momentum, an economy driven by successful office women is created. Fashion houses are trying every bit of their creativity to come up with the next piece of garment that embodies the spirit and vibe of an office lady. From the world renown Shenal suits to the more sleek and chic Gucci and LV bags, modern woman’s wardrobe are calling for a combination of functionality and fashion like never before. To complete that dazzling wardrobe, a piece or two of accessories is necessary. UV sunglasses for women readers is one type of such accessory that not only come in extremely handy, but also serve perfectly well as a fashion statement maker.

UV sunglasses

Modern office ladies are all high geared machines. Their life paces are no bit slower than their male counterparts. As a result, they need glasses that have multiple functions rather than the conventional ones that they have to switch constantly back and forth. UV sunglasses for women readers not only provide the UV protection you need when you are in the openings, but also have the magnifying powers that suit your particular needs. No need to switch between two pair of glasses anymore. With these UV protective reading shades, our beautiful and intelligent ladies can have their protective and reading problems solved once and for all.

uv sunglasses

To become a part of modern women’s wardrobe list, a piece of accessory has to be trendy, sleek and most importantly in the vogue. There is nothing more painful than wearing a piece of out of fashion jewelry or shoes to the workplace and spend the rest of the day judged and scrutinized for it. With UV sunglasses, you don’t need to worry on this matter. These shades come in almost every style we know exist. Whether it’s the always cool and followed aviator or the ultimate statement-making wrap-arounds, UV sunglasses for women readers have it all. All you need to do is look through those colorful and dazzling pieces of shades and pick the one that say who you are and what you are feeling at the moment. Once you got the right pair and wear them to your office, you will find more heads turning in your direction than any other moment in your life.

Cheap UV Sunglasses Cost Little But Protect Your Eyes Well

September 19th, 2011

Are you often asked by friends and relatives about things related to glasses and shades. One of the most frequently asked questions about shades is: are those cheap UV sunglasses that can be found at drug stores and in supermarkets and that cost only a breakfast as effective as the hundred-buck-tagged designer ones in high street stores when it comes to their protective functions. To answer that question, different people speak with different tongues. The top executives of a top notch brand fashion house will never tell the truth since it will significantly influence their revenues. They always tell like their multi-million-dollar ads say. But is what we are being told by famous stars and supposedly trust-worthy personnel the truth? Does the price tag really reflect the function value behind them? As it turns out not necessary.

UV shades

As we all know, sunglasses are used to block out harmful UV rays and annoying glare. Without them, our days out in the sun during the summer could be pretty dangerous and frustrating. Not only will the ultraviolet rays pose potential damage to our precious eyes, the ubiquitous glare that is reflected off smooth surfaces can cause serious problems in our navigation which may in turn lead to horrible results. Therefore, on a functional stand of point, UV and glare protection are definitely the priorities. But do these functions really cost that much? The answer is no. With the rapid development of the optical industry, the technology and material required to achieve ideal UV and glare protection have become fairly inexpensive. Therefore a pair of functionally workable sunglasses won’t cost that much. What you normally see on the price tags besides those designer shades sitting behind display windows in the fancy stores are 80% for their fashion value and their brand names. Scientific reports have shown that cheap UV sunglasses that you pick up at your local drug stores can block UV and glare just as perfectly as those found in high street stores. As long as you see a tag on the lenses that says 100% UV protection, you are good with a fine pair.

UV sunglasses

We won’t deny that fact that people nowadays wear sunglasses for the look of it. They wear them for a celebrity vibe that those shades give out. Although fashion value does play a fairly large part in people’s shades wearing motivations, it can’t take up 80% of the whole product’s price. For those who follow fashion closely and would feel their life ending without the brand names, designer and expensive shades are of course the No. 1 choice. For the most of us who don’t feel like keeping up with the latest fashion trends. However, those cheap UV sunglasses easily available both on and off lines are probably better. They cost little but protect your eyes just as fine.

The importance of UV sunglasses for children

August 2nd, 2010

In each summer, lots of ladies and gentlemen wear sunglasses when wandering on streets or participating in an outdoor activity. Most adults have gotten to know the necessity of wearing sunglasses, because there are harmful UV rays from sunlight. However, few people have been highly aware of the importance of sunglasses for children. In fact, UV sunglasses for children are also critical. And to some extent, the young group needs eye protection against sunlight more urgently than the adult group. All of us know that sunglasses are fundamentally expected to block out the unwanted ultraviolet light. Wearing a simple pair of sun glasses can prevent the eyes from being damaged by the harmful rays contained in sunlight. In detail, these hazardous rays are widely believed to cause certain age-related eye conditions like cataracts.

Another source called high-energy visible (HEV) light or blue light is also dangerous. It is widely thought that long-term exposure to blue light will probably lead to the development of macular degeneration later in life. These two major sources of danger have been long advertising the importance of using sunglasses. Even if UV rays are not the only possible risky source, these devices are commonly called UV sunglasses. The importance and necessity of buying sunglasses for children result from the fact that most kids spend more time outdoors than adults. In addition, children’s eyes are too fragile to endure those harmful rays. Thus the immature eyes are more susceptible to the conditions or even diseases mentioned before.

Statistics further prove the absolute necessity of using UV sunglasses from an early age. It is widely estimated by eye doctors that most people accumulate approximately 80% of lifetime UV exposure before the age of 18. It is equal to say that the eyes younger than 18 are every easily to “absorb” harmful UV light. And the root cause of age-related eye problems is very probably the inappropriate eye protection during childhood and teen years. Infants’ eyes are the most delicate and it will never be too early for kids to begin wearing quality sunglasses.