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The importance of UV sunglasses for children

August 2nd, 2010

In each summer, lots of ladies and gentlemen wear sunglasses when wandering on streets or participating in an outdoor activity. Most adults have gotten to know the necessity of wearing sunglasses, because there are harmful UV rays from sunlight. However, few people have been highly aware of the importance of sunglasses for children. In fact, UV sunglasses for children are also critical. And to some extent, the young group needs eye protection against sunlight more urgently than the adult group. All of us know that sunglasses are fundamentally expected to block out the unwanted ultraviolet light. Wearing a simple pair of sun glasses can prevent the eyes from being damaged by the harmful rays contained in sunlight. In detail, these hazardous rays are widely believed to cause certain age-related eye conditions like cataracts.

Another source called high-energy visible (HEV) light or blue light is also dangerous. It is widely thought that long-term exposure to blue light will probably lead to the development of macular degeneration later in life. These two major sources of danger have been long advertising the importance of using sunglasses. Even if UV rays are not the only possible risky source, these devices are commonly called UV sunglasses. The importance and necessity of buying sunglasses for children result from the fact that most kids spend more time outdoors than adults. In addition, children’s eyes are too fragile to endure those harmful rays. Thus the immature eyes are more susceptible to the conditions or even diseases mentioned before.

Statistics further prove the absolute necessity of using UV sunglasses from an early age. It is widely estimated by eye doctors that most people accumulate approximately 80% of lifetime UV exposure before the age of 18. It is equal to say that the eyes younger than 18 are every easily to “absorb” harmful UV light. And the root cause of age-related eye problems is very probably the inappropriate eye protection during childhood and teen years. Infants’ eyes are the most delicate and it will never be too early for kids to begin wearing quality sunglasses.