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Transition Eyeglasses: Correction, Protection and Convenience All In One

July 9th, 2012

Most people in the world have less than perfect eyesight. That requires them to wear corrective eyeglasses to help them see clearly. Also in the summer, the ubiquitous and fatal ultraviolet rays that can pose possible damage to our eyes need sunglasses to block. In the summer, the double requirements for those who want to see clearly and also avoid UV rays have been troubling presbyopia sufferers for ages. The introduction of prescription sunglasses and transition eyeglasses answered that question once and for all. However, the choice between the two becomes a new problem for consumers. Here, we analyse the difference between the two so that you can make a better decision for yourself.

The sole difference between the two is also the defining element why most customers are recommended to choose transition eyeglasses. That is the capacity to switch between tinted lenses and clear lenses. Due to the special coatings applied to the lenses of transition eyeglasses, these glasses have the amazing ability to darken once they are exposed to sunlight. The UV rays in the sunlight breaks down the molecule structures and make them reconstruct which darkens the color. The higher the density of UV rays, the darker the lenses will be. Once the UV rays are gone, for example, when the wearers stepped into a room, the glasses switch back to clear state.

Such a merit means a lot to modern glasses wearers. The amazing convenience it brings enables us to focus more on our quickly paced life. For instance, in the morning, before you step out of the door, you can just throw on a pair of transition eyeglasses. They automatically darken when you step out and protect you from the deadly UV rays. If you hadn’t the transition eyeglasses, you would have had to stumble through your many pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses. The comfort, convenience, correction and protection are truly combined together perfectly with transition eyeglasses.