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Enjoy advantages of titanium glasses for men

June 23rd, 2010

As a chemical element with atomic number 22, titanium is sometimes called the “space age metal”. This strong, lustrous and corrosion-resistant metal has a low density. But it has wide application in many different industries, such as sporting goods, orthopedic implants, dental instruments, jewelry, mobile phones and many others. In addition, titanium can be alloyed with many other materials, like iron, aluminum, vanadium etc. These titanium-based alloys have even wider applications. In particular, titanium and some related alloys can be used to make eyeglass and sunglass frames. In the current eyewear market, it is easy to find frames that are made of pure titanium, meta-titanium and titanium-based alloys. The popularity of this material in eyewear industry is due to its good features or attributes. These frames are more durable and stronger than other metal frames. And due to these features, there are especially titanium glasses for men.

Compared with female customers or eyewear users, gentlemen usually pay more attention to eyewear fit, comfort and durability. And women especially fashion-oriented girls usually put stylish appearance at the first place. Why are titanium glasses particularly popular among male buyers? We can get an answer from the explanation of their considerations while choosing eyewear. It is widely known that eyeglass and sunglass frames can be made of various materials. Plastics are generally lighter than metals. However, they are not as competitive as some quality metals like titanium and stainless steel in terms of durability and strength. The key point is that most men value these features greatly. Thus titanium glasses for men are particularly favored.

Pure titanium is a good material to produce eyeglass frames. Yet there are some other variations which offer even better benefits. Currently, many eyeglass manufacturers take use of memory metal as a frame material. And Flexon owned by Marchon Eyewear is a typical example. This is a titanium-based alloy. An extra advantage kept by this material is the extreme flexibility. This metal can return to its original shape after being twisted, bended or crushed. In other worlds, it can remember its original shape. This is why this material is widely used to make titanium glasses for men.