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Lightweight titanium frames

February 16th, 2010

A large group of gentlemen love titanium frames nowadays. Titanium glasses are made of titanium. This material has some special features that make titanium frames attractive. Titanium glasses are the ideal choice for people who like active lifestyles and those with heavy prescription. Titanium glasses will never cause any allergy.

The material of titanium frames is a chemical element that has a low density. But it is strong, corrosion-resistant and silver-colored. Titanium even has been used for everything from Apollo space capsules to heart valves.

Many manufacturers provide titanium frames and beta-titanium frames. The most attractive feature of titanium glasses is lightness. Titanium glasses are also durable, strong and hypoallergenic. A variety of colors can be applied to titanium frames, such as black, orange and red. In fact, not all of the titanium frames are made of pure titanium. Some titanium frames come from an alloy combined by titanium and some other metals including copper. But these titanium alloy frames are cheaper than pure titanium frames.

Many online glasses stores offer various titanium glasses that suit a wide range of needs. You can add your personal taste and coating to titanium glasses. At, customers can get titanium frames at the price 20% to 60% lower than regular retail price. also provides Virtual Eyeglasses Try-On System for glasses trying before buying.

Titanium glasses are classic and become the symbol of status.

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Numerous options of eyeglasses

December 1st, 2009

Many factors should be taken into account in selecting appropriate eyeglasses, including fit, functionality, protection as well as style.

Before choosing eyeglasses, a person should know the features of his or her face, because different eyeglass frames suit faces with different shapes. The eyeglasses should be appropriate in size for one’s facial characteristics, that both too big and too small frames should be avoided.

Eyeglasses are also available in protection styles. In some states, it is required by laws that riders should wear protection eyewear if there are no facial shields. Foam-back glasses are convenient and provide adequate protection. Protection eyeglasses should be manufactured with strict fitness and large lenses.

Clip-on glasses are popular nowadays. The clip should fit the edges of the glass properly and be close to the lens. In most cases, clip-on glasses need additional adjustments at the time of purchase. There are also colored lenses that offer both good look and great functionality.

Smoked lenses feature convenience and extended durability. While filtering out blue light, amber lenses always provide sharp contrast and sharp shadow definition even in over-cast conditions. Yellow lenses are particularly suitable for night driving, as well as in conditions of snow and fog. Clear lenses can provide ample UV protection and suit conditions with low light.

Another particular type of lenses is photochromic lenses, which are commonly used in conditions of varying light. Polarized lenses are designed to fight against high glare, which protects the eyes form sudden flashes of light thus avoid potential retina damage. Reflective lenses can reflect the light away from the eyes, relaxing the eyes and reducing eye stress.

Besides of the functions from those various eyeglass lenses, some people also resort to eyeglasses for fashion. Branded sunglasses are quite popular on the high fashion markets, but these glasses are very expensive. However, the most important criterion is that the eyeglasses should fit one’s face. In addition, the materials of eyeglasses frames are also worth customer’s attention. A strong steel frame is suitable for a businessman, while sportier people always choose a light titanium frame.