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Flexible Titanium Sunglasses: The Most Durable and Comfortable Eyewear Money Can Buy

September 9th, 2011

When people choose sunglasses, there are a couple of factors they can’t escape. First up, the UV and glare protection the shades will provide ( i.e. the functional part). Secondly, the style of the shades ( i.e. The fashion value) and thirdly, comfort and durability. Whether they are choosing their shades from a big name brand stores or from the online stores, the consumers always want a pair that will fit comfortably on their faces and a pair that will last long. Well, if you are looking for the most flexible and comfortable shades out there on the market, flexible titanium sunglasses are just for you. Framed with the one of the most high-end materials in the eyewear industry- titanium, the material that’s mostly used for making space shuttles, these shades have garnered huge following among the manufacturers and consumers alike. They are lightweight, flexible and can be made into a huge variety of styles, making them indisputably the most worthy shades on the planet for your money.

flexible titanium sunglasses

There are a couple of reasons why titanium makes the best sunglasses frames money can buy. Firstly, with its incredible resilience, titanium is also one of the most flexible materials on the planet. Frames made of this metal can be bent and elongated without being broken. So, if you accidentally step on one of these super flexible titanium sunglasses, don’t panic, just pick them up and bend them a couple of times, and they will be back in shape again. Besides, due to its unique physical quality, titanium weights less than most of its counterparts in the same quantity. Subsequently, flexible titanium shades come out more lightweight than any other material. This tremendously reduces the burden on your nose, making you feeling practically nothing at all when you have them on. Thirdly, titanium has the highest weight to strength ratio among all the materials that’s currently used to make frames. That means although they might be the most lightweight, sunglasses framed with titanium are still the most strong and durable of all. Those three qualities of titanium mainly explained why titanium frame sunglasses make the most comfortable and durable shades on the planet. In addition to those major merits, they are also corrosion-resistant and hypoallergenic, which are just two more reasons why people should opt for them as their number one choice in their sunglasses shopping confusions.

Flexible Titanium Sunglasses

One note that’s worth mention before ending this segment is that at the time being, due to the scarcity of the material, flexible titanium sunglasses are usually tagged with considerably high prices. For those of us who may have a budget issue, shades with frames made of titanium alloys might be a good alternative. Those alloys are made with titanium and other metals. Though they are almost the same in terms of their physical qualities, titanium alloys generally are much less expensive in price.

Polarized Titanium Eyewear

April 5th, 2010

Polarized titanium eyewear, as its name suggest, is composed of titanium frame and polarized lens. Combining the merits of both titanium and polarization, polarized titanium eyewear besides offering a soft and clear incomparable vision makes itself the lightest in weight and the best in durability.

Titanium as an indispensable material in advanced technology is 48% lighter than other metals and are resistant to acid and alkali, anticorrosion and of high stability and intensity. It also has neither radiation nor toxic side effects to human body. Therefore, polarized titanium eyewear, superadded the polarized lens specially engineered to block the blinding rays of glare, is of high flexibility while protects eyes from UV and fierce light; is fadeless while enhances visual color contrast; and is anti-oxidation while cuts off reflective glare from snow, water and pavement.

As mentioned above, polarized titanium eyewear did no harm to human health, instead it brings benefits. Recently, a Japanese research reveals that titanium has a particular current characteristic which is able to produce ions as a result of electron waves, easing tense muscles. Thus wearing a pair of polarized titanium eyewear, one would likely to get mentally relaxed and fatigue removed.

What is that when light and durable styles out there meet unbeatable vision performance? Polarized titanium tells you the truth. It is a perfect. With the ultrahigh and intense frame and extend clarity to a wide peripheral view and protection to the delicate area around the eyes provided by the lens, polarized titanium eyewear will make you enjoy everyday with fun and relaxation.