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Valuable features of titanium eyeglass frames

June 22nd, 2010

There are mainly three categories of materials that are currently used by eyewear manufacturers to produce eyeglass and sunglass frames. They are metals, plastics and unusual materials like horn, leather, stone and wood. Even if they are precious metals, silver and gold are usually grouped into the third category due to their scarcity. Compared with the first two groups, materials within the third group are used less frequently and they are for people with special requirements or tastes only. Metal and plastic eyeglass frames account for a vast majority of the eyewear market for many years. In this article, we focus on a special metal that is widely used to make eyeglass frames. Among all metals feasible to make frames, titanium is a particular one and it claims certain valuable features or attributes. Titanium eyeglass frames are one of the most popular selections among eyewear users.

According to Wikipedia, titanium is a chemical element with the symbol Ti and atomic number 22. It is a special metal with a low density and is strong, lustrous and corrosion-resistant. As a transition metal, titanium is silver in color. Made of this metal and other variations or alloys, titanium eyeglass frames thus also have similar features as this material. The use of titanium in eyeglass frames is historic. Until now, titanium and beta-titanium are widely used by most of the eyewear manufacturers. The precious features this material has are the focus, including lightness, durability, strength and corrosion-resistance. These features mark a significant improvement or even breakthrough in eyewear frame history. The reason is that metal eyeglass frames can now be equally lightweight as plastic frames. In many people’s mind, metal frames are more formal and elegant, but heavy ones are usually not welcomed.

Nowadays, titanium eyeglass frames are provided in a variety of colors, which bring a diverse of options in terms of frame appearance. This is backed by a good attribute that titanium can be easily tinted or painted. Another beneficial feature claimed by titanium frames is that they can keep the users free from skin allergy. Rx eyewear users can find titanium frames in full-frame, semi-rimless and rimless styles.