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Striped glasses for a new look

June 24th, 2010

Eyeglasses for vision correction can be decorated in the frames in different ways. For instance, modern eyewear manufacturers always make frames in different shapes like square, oval, round, rectangle and the like. Taking use of various shapes is definitely a good approach to Rx eyewear decoration. Yet another commonly taken way is to apply various colors to eyeglass frames. The current prescription eyewear market has green eyeglasses, yellow eyeglasses, and red eyeglasses, just to list a small fraction. There are even many models in combinational colors. Is this the end of eyeglass decoration? Absolutely not. As a variation of frame coloring, there are currently available striped glasses. Most people know that those traditional eyeglasses discussed above incorporate a single color or a combinational color in the whole frame. And in some cases the temples have a different color from the major frame.

After the creation of striped eyeglass frames, people begin to realize that these traditional products only represent one way to decorate eyeglasses using different colors. Stripe means a long narrow line of color that is different from the areas next to it. Applying this technique to prescription eyeglass frames, many more options and possibilities are created. Striped glasses can bring a considerably different effect from traditionally single-colored eyeglasses. It is true that many people got excited from the introduction of colored eyeglass frames. However, after several decades’ development and existence, few folks still have a similar feeling. The availability of striped spectacles brings an opportunity to get a new look.

Nowadays, there are many manufacturers who provide striped glasses, including some renowned names. The 3090 gray striped model from Versace is a great choice for people who love to be on the cutting edge of fashion. This model uses wired frame with sleek plastic side pieces. Calvin Klein maintains 835 striped crystal eyeglasses, which have clear frames added by a bit of personal flare. Vogue now provides striped brown 49mm eyeglasses under its 2574 model. Marc Jacobs MJ097 women’s fashion sunglasses are also a striped model. It takes brown lenses and brown striped plastic frames.