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Selecting the best eye glass for you

January 23rd, 2010

When shopping for eye glass, people will find so many kinds of eye glass frames and eye glass lens to choose from. People have to consider the eye glass based on their prescription lenses, and choose the eye glass frames best hold their lens as well as suit their faces and personal lifestyles.

The most important fact people have to take into account when they choose eye glass is that the eye glass frames should fit best for their prescription eye glass lenses. The purpose of buying a prescription eye glass is to correct people’s visions. If people buy eye glass just with the idea of fashionable and latest styles, they may give up the basic function of eye glass.

When people buy eye glass, they also should be in consideration of personal characters, if one is a conservative person; one is better stay with shapes such as rectangles or ovals in either thin plastic or metals eye glass. Rimless eye glass and three-pierce eye glass may be also a good choice. If one is a passionate type, modern thicker or large plastic eye glass may work better.

In addition, before selecting their own eye glass, people also should have an idea of which kind of lifestyles they will lead. The types of eye glass chosen by people will depend on the types of activities they participate in. Of course, some people may prepare several eye glass to use in different occasions, it also a nice choice.

Finally, the shapes and colors of eye glass should flatter people’s face shapes and complexions. That is really important. Also, people should consider match their eye glass to their wardrobes, which makes the eye glass become a part of people’s styles, just as their clothes do.

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How to select eyeglasses wisely?

November 13th, 2009

For eyeglasses wearers, even for those who wear glasses for many years, they may still feel difficult and puzzled to select the suitable glass for them. But as we all know, to choose the right pair of glasses with right frames and lenses is critical not only to our vision, but also can play a important role in our appearance and disposition. So we should pay special attention to this. The following will give some advice on how to select eyeglasses wisely.

First, lenses are the point which counts most. Make sure to choose the lens according to your eye problem and eyes’ requirement. For example, if you like light-weighted, scratch resistant lens, polycarbonate lens is a recommended one. Besides, different colors of lenses should be used under different conditions. When you are in a muted environment, it is better to wear yellow tinted lenses; under strong sunshine, amber color is a better choice, but eye doctors usually do not recommend rose color as it is not soft. Another point for the glass color is we should choose the color suits our skin color, which will add some points to our appearance and disposition. After choosing the right color, we can not neglect the shape of lenses, like square, oval or circle, which mainly depend on our face shapes.

Second, the frame is also an important factor in choosing suitable glasses. Nowadays, there are several types of frames, like full frame, half frame and frameless. And the materials of frames are also different, like metal, wood and so on. If you want to have a wide range to select, you can visit some online eyeglass stores. There you can get some suggestions. For some online shops, you can also try on new glasses you are interested in. This is very simple. It is only need to put your photo into the system they designed, and then try on different kinds of glasses to see which is suitable for you. When choosing frames, please note if you are allergic to some materials, as some people are allergic to metals. Then the second point is to choose the one suit your face and make your disposition impressive.

When wearing glasses, you must be careful to some discomforts, and if you have, visit your eye doctor immediately. Even if we don’t feel any discomforts, you should also visit the eye doctor to do some eye tests at a regular time in order to know our eyes’ status and find some small or potential eye problems.