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Complete Your Emo Look With Bakelite Thick Rimmed Sunglasses

October 5th, 2011

Originally referring to a type of music that later came to be known as hardcore punk, the word “Emo’ has expanded beyond the music scene and become the latest buzz word in the fashion world. The clothing style and life style this word represents have garnered huge followings among teens, young adults and even people in their 30s all over the world. Although according to the literal rendering of the word itself, which probably is an abbreviation for “emotional”, the spirit is all about being an individual and wearing whatever you feel like at the moment, there does seem to exist one distinct look that predominate the emo scene. That is true from shirts, pants and shoes right down to glasses. To complete a true emo look, nothing fits the bill better than bakelite thick rimmed sunglasses and glasses.

bakelite thick rimmed 1

This unique and creative style celebrated by people all over the world resembles a feel of the 60s, a time when artistic and political creativities were on their heights both in the US and around the world. As a result, everything from back then projects a glow of intellectualism and smartness. Pieces that were worn by our grandparents are taken out of the garbage bin again and added a little magic to and bang, a whole new style is born. Bakelite thick rimmed glasses and shades are back in vogue the same way. Thick frames glasses were originally made popular by music icon Buddy Holly and comedy genius Drew Carey in the 60s. After that, their popularity waned to aviators and wraparounds. However, in the new century, this type of glasses was revived alongside the rising of the emo movement and a bunch of devoted celebrities’ promoting them in and out of public. From Hollywood mega-star Jonney Depp to music genie Lisa Loeb, everybody loves thick framed sunglasses not only for the fashion aspects of them, but also to create that smart and intellectual vibe that is so much appreciated in an era of uniqueness and individualism.

bakelite thick rimmed 2

When it comes to frame material choice for thick rimmed glasses or shades, there are a lot to choose form. One of them is bakelite. Not only is this material strong and lightweight, it also give out that retro vintage vibe better than any other choice out there. So, the next time you are thinking of adding a little accessory to your carefully selected emo garments and shoes, give bakelite thick rimmed glasses or shades a shot.

Rimmed sunglasses offer maximum protection

August 9th, 2010

Prescription eyeglass users are currently allowed to select a pair of full-frame, semi-rimless and rimless glasses. These three styles have respective pros and cons. Partial-rimmed eyeglasses and those without a rim may bring a more attractive look, but they are delicate and easy to be broken. It is widely known that the sunwear industry allows more innovative and bold designs. Since half-frame design has been long around in the prescription eyewear world, sunwear designers will also apply it to their products. Till now, both rimmed sunglasses and half-rim sunglasses are widely available. These two forms are quite similar in frame structure to related styles in prescription eyeglasses. Some people may wonder that why rimless sunglasses can hardly be found, when half-rim sunglasses have gained a certain degree of popularity.

Well, sunwear designs are largely limited by the essential features of these products. The most important and traditional point of developing sunglasses is to gain eye protection against UV rays. The lenses over the eyes are the key part which offers this protection. Only the covered part of the eyes will be under such protection. The situation in prescription eyeglasses is quite different that by seeing through the lenses proper vision correction will be present. Due to this essential feature of sunwear, all designers try to enable their products to shield the wearers’ eyes as much as possible. A common and natural design is to use large frame and lenses. And only rimmed sunglasses are able to hold the big lenses firmly.

Sunglasses in a rimmed design have been the mainstream in this industry for many years. Sunwear designers usually use a full frame to wrap around the large lenses, covering closely a maximum part of the eyes. This full-rimmed design is nearly the sole player in the protective sunwear world. Protective rimmed sunglasses are now widely used in circumstances involving balls, racquets or flying objects. Protective sunglasses must be strongly impact-resistant. From the lens perspective, polycarbonate is the most popular material used to make protective sunglasses. Moreover, a full-rimmed frame design is equally important. Only a full frame can achieve maximum impact resistance.