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about Red eyeglasses

June 16th, 2015

Red eyeglasses with red eyeglass frames are becoming the top pick to everyone. They are very popular and stylish. Red is attractive and great looking especially when wearing red eyeglasses for your everyday use. Red gives us all a bold fashion, because red is the color of passion, vitality and sex.

Shopping for eyeglasses sounds like an easy concept, until you consider choosing the right color for the frame. Eyeglasses come in nearly every color imaginable, including traditional colors like black, trendy colors like purple and frames that blend several colors together. To choose flattering frame colors, you need to look at your own coloring and other factors. Red eyeglasses work well if your primary wardrobe is shades of black, gray and white. Red eyeglasses comes in different styles and shapes such as red cat eyeglasses, red rectangle eyeglasses, red round eyeglasses and some others. What pair fits for your face shape, you need to follow the guideline that can help you hone in one eyewear shapes that will suit and fit your face well while complementing your image and lifestyle need. First, determine your face shape by pulling back your hair and using a mirror to match up with one of the shapes in the image. Then, keep these tips in mind when exploring the mind-boggling frame and eyeglasses selections here. Keep in mind that the opposites attracts. Play against facial contours, so if you have angular features such as prominent cheekbones and jawline, get curvaceous with rounder red eyeglasses frame shapes.

Red eyeglasses for young ladies

July 19th, 2010

Red is a popular color which can be seen in many products for ladies, especially accessories. Red bag, red purse, red hair pin and red clothes are widely selected by young girls as well as women in their middle ages. Now, this color has also been applied into the eyewear industry, exactly the Rx eyeglass industry. Regular prescription lenses are crystal clear so that the frame is the only part which can be tinted or decorated in different ways. In this sense, red eyeglasses refer to prescription spectacles that have red frames. Some people may want to link red eyewear with similar styles like rose eyeglasses and pink eyeglasses. It is acceptable to say that the others are variation products of red spectacles. This saying is based on the fact that red is a basic color which has its own wavelength, as one of the natural colors in sunlight such as orange, violet, blue, green and yellow. Due to likely the unusual popularity of red color, people have also developed other variations like pink and rose.

It is the time to discuss the features of red eyeglasses and the reason of its popularity. In many people’s mind, red is quite glamorous and unique. And some others resort to this color for a seductive effect or look. Whichever thought is the mainstream, it is undeniable that prescription eyeglasses made of red frames are mainly for ladies. Moreover, this color especially in a dark degree is so obvious or outstanding that young girls especially school students are dissuaded from choosing it. In other words, red spectacles are most suitable for young ladies who are particularly fashion-conscious. Boys and gentlemen are generally not encouraged to take this style.

Even for young ladies, choosing red eyeglasses requires a prior consideration about personal coloring. This color applied in eyeglasses is not for all races. Red eyewear will go best with people who have a warm coloring. Other suitable frame colors for this group include gold, copper, camel, warm blue and the like. Knowing this tip would help in making a right purchase.

Fashionable red glasses

March 2nd, 2010

Red glasses are simply referred to glasses with red frames or red tinted lenses or a combination of them. Whether in which form, red eyeglasses flatter the special tastes of a certain group of people who love red particularly. Red glasses are more about fashions. While most people buying regular eyeglasses for vision correction, some people just keep red eyeglasses for charming looks. Today, red glasses are available from many famous brands. Ray Ban provides a wide variety of red glasses including red rimless glasses and glasses with marble red frame or shiny red frame. These red glasses simply fall into the warm colored type.

Actually, the frames of red eyeglasses include some variations, such as dark red and pink. Sometimes, red glasses do not have complete red frames. Only the lens frame is red or only the temples are red. They are also called red glasses. The frame of red eyeglasses can be made of most of the common materials, such as metal and plastic. Metal red glasses are mostly painted into red while plastic red eyeglasses are made of artificial composite plastic. Red glasses can also be glasses with red tinted lenses. The red and pink tints usually help red eyeglasses sharpen contrast in partly cloudy and sunny conditions. Of course, these tints are light.

Red glasses have created such a special type of fashion so that they are not exclusively for women. Some gentlemen even wear red eyeglasses, although they look a little strange.

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