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Rectangle Sunglasses Will Give You a Stylish Summer

July 7th, 2011

I believe that everyone wants to enjoy the summer holiday to fullest. However, how do you do to protect your eyes from injury because of the bright sunlight and high-energy visible light? Here I would like to share a good idea with you that are suitable for us-wearing sunglasses. But choosing a suitable pair of sunglasses is not an easy job especially when the market is full of sunglasses with diversity and variety, which will make you dizzy. Take rectangle sunglasses for example. Not everyone is suitable for it. However, how to make sure that is suitable for us, which is associated with its features and peculiarity.

Referring to shapes, rectangle sunglasses ideally suit the person with round or similar face shape. With the rule- the glasses shapes must be contrasted with wearers’ face shapes-in our hearts, the rectangle sunglasses can make wearer’s faces much more slender than it looks. Of course, these sunglasses are also sometimes made into other rectangle-similar shapes so as to ensure buyers have more options according to their personal situations.

Rectangle sunglasses also have different frame types as some other glasses including rimless, semi-rimless and full rimed frames. Of course, full rime frames are a little bit traditional to us. With the technology developed, the semi-rimless and rimless become more popular than full rime frames.

Rectangle sunglasses are usually tinted in different colors. Color to sunglasses is as water to people. Several years ago, black, silver, brown, amber and so on are some of the most beloved colors for male wearers, and some like pink, green, rose, red are always popular among female wearers. However, in recent years, rectangle sunglasses in different colors or much more complicated colors are suitable for men, women and unisex person.

Rectangle sunglasses are of different brands-classy or inferior and different price. Owing to the popularity of these sunglasses, more and more manufacturers have joined in this competition. The famous brands are Burberry check rectangle sunglasses, Gucci rectangle sunglasses and Ran-Ban RB3186 top bar rectangle sunglasses.

All in all, rectangle sunglasses become more popular among people. Owing a pair of this kind of sunglasses will give you a stylish summer.

Performance rectangle sunglasses

July 4th, 2010

Sunglasses in modern times come in various shapes and styles either modern or vintage. Customers can feel free to make favorite combinations in terms of optional aspects like frame shape, frame material, frame and lens color, lens functionality as well as others. Performance rectangle sunglasses are one of the combinational products that are widely available from lots of brands including most of the notable ones. In this article we try to work out all the features of this typical sunwear style and also give some tips while selecting this style.

While choosing a pair of performance or sports sunglasses, the first priority should be given to frame and lens quality. The reason is that these products or devices are expected to give an edge to athletes at all levels, including amateurs. These groups of people want to achieve better performance during sports through the use of a pair of performance sunwear. In the sports gear market, manufacturers always try best to design and release new devices using the latest technologies. However, sports enthusiasts should notice that normal, clear vision is one of the key factors in achieving normal or even better performance. During outdoor activities or sports, performance rectangle sunglasses as a typical member can be a good help in guaranteeing good visual acuity. One of the “tricks” used by performance sunwear is to utilize tinted sunglass lenses. The outdoor sunlight is composed of a variety of rays of various colors, like violet, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Even if it appears in white light, those different rays do exist. The generic purpose of using tinted sunglass lenses is to diminish sunlight glare and enhance contrast sensitivity, by reducing selectively certain wavelengths in sunlight.

As discussed above, performance rectangle sunglasses can play an important role in improving the wearer’s performance during competing activities through the utilization of tinted lenses. Yet the shape of these sunglasses is worth a further discussion. People who know the rule of selecting an Rx eyewear frame will probably say that rectangle sunwear is suitable for customers who have a round or oval face. This is generally true. In this way, the features of sunwear shape and facial shape can complement each other to a maximum degree.

Several brands that provide square sunglasses

June 17th, 2010

Sunglasses are currently provided in many types according to functional and style classification approaches. Evaluating frame shape, there are square sunglasses, round sunglasses, rectangle sunglasses and so forth. What is the reason for the existence of those differently shaped sunglasses? One possible explanation is that the classification in terms of sunwear frame shape can diversify customers’ demands for sunglass styles. This is similar to the practice in prescription eyeglasses. Sunglasses are a necessary accessory for millions of people around the world. It is a disaster if all of them have the access to only one frame shape. Another explanation is probably the guideline that the frame shape should contrast with the wearer’s face shape. Human beings have different facial shapes like round, square, oval, oblong and triangles. These different face shapes require specific complementary frame shapes while using sunglasses or eyeglasses. It is for sure that not all people will get equally satisfied with a uniform frame shape.

As one of the most popular styles of sunglasses, square sunglasses are now available from many reputable brands. The remaining of this article gives some examples of popular styles from different names. Nike GDO square sun glasses are suitable for both men and women. Like other eyewear products from Nike, these square-shaped sunshades have the best blend of style and durability. Hallmarks of Nike also include quality materials and long-wearing comfort. Square sunwear from Nike use Nike Max Lens technology which ensures precise visual information at all angles of view. These sunglasses feature first-class UV absorbency, capable of blocking 100% UVA and UVB.

Tory Burch also provides square sunglasses within its oversized sunwear collection. This model released by Tory Burch is a combination of a vintage vibe and a modern twist. They are simple yet ultra glamorous with large modified square plastic frames. Like other eyewear products in the Tory family, these sunglasses have the Tory Burch signature logo embedded at the temple. Optional lens colors contain black, brown, olive and amber. Gucci is also providing squared sunwear. A typical model from this reputable brand takes use of vented lenses. They complement square, round, oval or heart-shaped faces.