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Women’s Bifocal Reading Sunglasses Merit Your Compliment

October 24th, 2011

Women’s bifocal reading sunglass is a kind of precious asset worthy of your treasuring, especially for those who are inflicted with the agony of presbyopia. As for women in particular age, you are liable to be susceptible to the threat of presbyopia which occurs in the proteins of the eye lens. Presbyopia tends to make the lens stiffened and its original elasticity and flexibility is reduced to less extent. This may bring about a series of problems such as decreased focusing ability for near objects and eyestrain. At this time, you are in urgent need of a pair of eyeglasses with corrective lenses. Women’s bifocal reading sunglasses are your inevitably ideal choice, a real boon for those who have a mania for reading books. As is implied by the name, bifocal sunglasses have two major functions, respectively the corrective power and the protective power.

In terms of corrective power, bifocal lenses have its use in the upper part for distance vision and its lower part for near vision. With such an exceptional quality, you are spared the trouble of replacing or removing one pair for another with single function constantly. If you want to see objects in proximity, you just need to adjust your focus to the lower portion, and then you will get a clear view of it. The same goes for the situation when you want to descry things in long distance, just with your focus switching the upper portion.

bifocal reading sunglasses

In terms of protective powers, women’s bifocal reading sunglasses have possessed the function of UV and strong light protection, which is the cutting edge lacked in other generic reading glasses. This merit endows their wearer with all-around vision protection, far more than vision correction. In summer days, it is a great pleasure for you to wear such a pair of reading sunglasses beside the swimming pool or sunny beach, relishing the riveting plot while enjoying the picturesque scenery without being worried about any harm done to your eyes.

bifocal reading sunglasses

In addition, bifocal reading sunglasses appeal to many due to the fact that they have inherited the element of fashion in sunglasses. Combining the trend into the reading, such sunglasses have every reason to merit your trust and try. So do not let the chance slip by your fingers when you bump into women’s bifocal reading sunglasses.

Large Frame Reading Sunglasses: Men’s Favourite For the Summer

September 15th, 2011

Reading outdoors is a pleasure rarely matched in life. Especially during the summer, with the freeze blowing and the sun high in the sky, nothing beats a trip to the beach and a day of sunbathing and reading. Normally, people wear sunglasses to keep their eyes from the damaging ultraviolet rays. However, for those who already have to wear a pair of prescription glasses to help them with their accommodation errors, there exist a problem. They can’t just throw on a pair of shades over their normal reading glasses and have the issue solved. That would be not only unsightly, but also plain rediculous. To them, a pair of shades that combines both the functions of eyeglasses and sunglasses may come in handy. That is to say, they need a pair of reading sunglasses. These unique shades not only provide the UV protection and glare blocking like your regular sunglasses, and they also have the required prescription powers and magnifying powers that fit your particular reading needs.

reading sunglasses

Being the No. 1 choice when it comes to summer reading gadgets, reading sunglasses come in a huge fusion of styles. Based on the style of the frames, these shades mainly fall into the following categories: large frame, aviator and wrap arounds. It is true that aviators has been traditionally considered the choice to give that macho and masculine look. Made popular by action flicks like Top Gun in the 80s, these shades have become an icon of manly look. Recently, however, alongside the unending love and craze about aviators, there emerges a growing favor and preference toward the large frame reading sunglasses. These large framed shades are the perfect embodiments of the modern urban lifestyle and they provide you with that celebrity vibe like no other. Having on a pair of large frame reading sunglasses immediately makes a man the center of the crowd. They catch eyes when you are walking down the street and leave people talking about you after you ditch a club. They are the ultimate men’s shades.

reading sunglasses

Combining reading glasses and sunglasses in one, reading sunglasses are definitely seeing a future with more and more followers and users from all over the world who enjoy taking their reading table outdoors and into the beach. And if you ask me what type of reading shades you should get as the next birthday present for your son or hubsband, go for the large frames. They are the most hip and popular style of sunglasses out there and they give that dominate look your man will undoubtedly appreciate.

A Useful Item: Reading Sunglasses

June 8th, 2011

Among many types of sunglasses available in the market, one type of sunglasses plays an important role in some people’s daily life. It is the reading sunglasses that stay the same with common sunglasses in the frame but have some changes in the lens. The changes are helpful for people to sit in the sun to read comfortably without squinting to read. So it won’t put any stress on wearers’ eyes. Thanks to reading sunglass, people who have eye problems don’t need to worry about the further harm to their eyes when they stay outside. Besides, people who work outdoors can get good UV protection as well as see the fine print that they normally can’t.

reading sunglasses

Reading sunglasses are of great importance for people who have different prescription for different distances. They have difficulty in reading books and seeing far objects clearly especially in the sun. And then they are likely to squint in order to see objects clearly. In this condition, people can stop squinting while playing outdoors and enjoying their favorite books outdoors with the help reading sunglasses. What’s more, they can get eye protection against harmful UV rays.

In addition, with the development of eyeglass industry, you can find reading sunglasses with various styles. So you can pick up any style you like most, such as the simple or complicated look. Moreover, the newer designs of reading sunglass are very natural looking. People will think you are just wearing common sunglass when you enjoy reading outdoors.

The feature of reading sunglasses is that the upper part of the lens is used for distant objects while the lower part of the lens is used for near distance. When you purchase reading sunglass, it is important to cooperate with your optician to help you define the proper shape of the near focal segment according to your lifestyle because reading sunglass requires the line delineating the two lenses. In the common situation, a circular or half-moon style will be used. If you want to reading sunglass without line, you may purchase progressive sunglasses.

Reading Sunglasses—-The Perfect Combination

July 28th, 2010

Have you ever bothered to be away from sunglasses for fashion because of nearsightedness? Have you ever felt annoyed about not seeing clearly when wearing a pair of sunglasses? Now, reading sunglasses are right here to solve all those problems. As the name suggest, reading sunglasses are a perfect combination of reading glasses and sunglasses.

Reading sun glasses apply a kind of special optical feature, which offers the same refractive capability to make reading comfortable and are also colored or tinted to protect eyes from intense light and UV. Of course there are ways for regular glasses to function the same with reading sunglasses, for example, using clips on shades over reading glasses, but they really look not so cool and instead they appear cumbersome while reading sunglasses is another thing. A variety of styles, from exquisite small-frame to over-sized shades, are available.

Therefore, we may conclude that reading sun glasses, a truly fusion of fashion and function, should be the best choice for those who are in requirement of both near vision and eye protection. With reading sunglasses, you can lying on the beach while reading a book, enjoy a beautiful day with sea breezing; with reading sunglasses, you can sit in the park with friends playing cards; with reading sunglasses, you don’t have to take another set of near vision reading glasses at any time. Just a pair of reading sun glasses can save you so much trouble. Isn’t it fantastic?

If there is something needing reminding, that should be picking the brown ones for best choices, for brown reading sun glasses can best perform to keep eyes from extra light with the least distortion.

Regular and bifocal reading sunglasses

June 29th, 2010

In summertime, a good pair of sunglasses means a lot for both ladies and gentlemen. In particular, fashionable and attractive sunglasses have become a special type of accessory especially for fashion-oriented girls and boys. For this group of individuals, getting proper eye protection from such a device is a primary and basic aspect. Achieving a fashionable look is even more important. Well, this is just the situation among young folks. Most adults in their middle ages still pay enough attention to the function provided by sunglasses. Well educated on the fact that excessive exposure to UV light on a long-term basis will much probably lead to eye conditions such as cataracts, rational adults usually choose to trust proper sunglasses. Another group is the elderly, which also needs the help from sunwear. But for this group, the right product is reading sunglasses and bifocal reading sunglasses.

It is widely known that conditions like cataracts and retinal problems occur usually when people get old. Very few young folks are found with these conditions. This is explainable that it is the cumulative effect of UV light that leads to these diseases. An old age is to a certain degree linked with an excessive amount of UV exposure. This never means UV protection is needless for people in their 40s, 50s and even older. For the elderly group, health vision is essential to enjoy normal and high-quality life. For the continuous improvement of overall living standards, a great proportion of old men and women still participate in outdoor activities regularly. Fishing, hiking, boating and even biking never preclude those elderly participants. During these activities, reading sunglasses and bifocal ones are a great help.

As the name suggests, a pair of reading sunglasses can both provide proper UV protection and precise reading aid. The function of regular reading glasses and that of basic sunglasses are combined together in a single pair. Moreover, bifocal reading sunglasses can offer more powerful functions. Besides the correction of presbyopia, these sunglasses can also deal with another refractive error. Of course, UV protection is guaranteed.