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TOP 5 Sports Sunglasses

April 21st, 2011

Nowadays, athletes are more likely to wear sports glasses for the purpose of fashion and eye protection. With the increase demand of sports glasses, many manufacturers have taken new technology to design various kinds of sports glasses. Therefore, there are a wide range of sports glasses with different functions, frames and lenses as well. You may find it hard to choose sports. So I’m going to recommend some sunglasses as follows:

Oakley Sunglasses

Its sunglasses are available in every sports, weather condition and different light condition and style. In addition, its frames have strong function of impart-resistance to offer maximum durability. It is said that frames can be made according to individual request of customers. For example, polarized lenses, adjustable nose bridge, temples and lenses are for a customized fit.

Smith Sunglasses

There are a significant amount of sunglasses that are specifically designed for sports. They provide you with interchangeable lenses and maximum converge and also take peripheral vision into consideration. What’s more, there are non-slip rubbers on notepads and temples that make sure sunglasses will stay in place during sports. When it comes to the lenses, there are a few lenses for different light condition, including Sienna Brown and Yellow lenses. You can also find polarized lenses.

Rudy Project Sunglasses

It is well known that Rudy Project sunglasses are the most expensive sunglasses for the highest quality in the sports sunglasses field. They produce the most stylish and advanced frame with good function and durability. Now, Rudy Project sports sunglasses are widely used by a lot of athletes worldwide in different kinds of sports such as cycling, skiing, etc. If the price is not a matter of concern, Rudy Project sunglasses will be an ideal choice.

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray Ban sunglasses have been popular for their aviator sunglasses. At present, they also offer customers an array of sports sunglasses with different styles and features.

Ray-Ban RB2015 (Daddy-O Oval Wrap) SunglassesRay-Ban RB3179 (Top Bar Oval) SunglassesRay-Ban RB3250 SunglassesRay-Ban RB3320 Sunglasses

Wraparound Prescription Sunglasses

Wraparound sunglasses can offer athletes good eye protection during sports such as cycling. It will prevent 100% UV rays not only from the frontal angle but also from the sides so that harmful UV rays don’t have access to enter to your eyes. With a wraparound style will cover a larger part of face to prevent UV, flying debris. As for athletes who suffer myopia or hyperopia, their eyes will be well protected with the help of wraparound prescription sunglasses. They will enjoy the protection of wraparound rx sunglasses and have a clear view with the prescription lenses.

Mixed Materials SunglassesMixed Materials SunglassesMetal SunglassesPlastic Sunglasses

Ray Ban Aviator mirror sunglasses

May 7th, 2010

Aviator mirror sunglasses are one brand of mirrored sunglasses. Produced by Ray Ban, they are also named Ray Ban Aviator mirror sunglasses. Other mirrored sunglasses providers include Action Optics, Bolle, Costa Del Mar and so on. However, Aviator mirror sunglasses are one of the most well-known brands in this field.

As usual, the lenses of Aviator mirror sunglasses can reflect a significant portion of sunlight reaching the outer surface. Besides other common features such as avoiding direct eye contact, Aviator mirror sunglasses also provide brand awareness to the customers because of Ray Ban’s worldwide reputation.

The mirror coating on the lenses is critical for the reflective feature of mirrored sunglasses. Aviator mirror sunglasses have special mirror coatings on their lenses. The coating has several alternating layers of specific thickness. These layers can be made of dielectric materials or metals such as titanium, nickel and chromium. The metal layer on Aviator mirror sunglasses has a thickness from 0.5 to 9nm. They may also use dielectric layers. The layers thickness determines the reflective properties of Aviator mirror sunglasses. The manufacture process of these layers is familiar with that of anti-reflective coating.

Mirror coatings on Aviator mirror sunglasses can be made of different colors, such as silver, gold and copper. The color of mirror coatings has no direct relationship with the lens tints. You may also say they are independent.

Although Aviator mirror sunglasses offer several mirror coating colors, the most classic type is silver mirrored sunglasses, originating from 70s styles. Their super dark and cool lenses are suitable for the brightest sunny days.

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Aviator gold sunglasses from Ray Ban

March 21st, 2010

Aviator gold sunglasses are just one type of Aviator sunglasses that appear in gold. Since they are manufactured by Ray Ban, you can also call these gold sunglasses Ray Ban gold sunglasses. Aviator-style Ray Ban gold sunglasses have no difference in shape with other models of Aviator sunglasses. Their lenses have an area two or three times the area of the eye socket. All Aviator gold sunglasses have metal frames with either paddles or wire temples that hook behind the ear.

The obvious difference between Aviator gold sunglasses and ordinary Aviators is the special color. Those early Aviator sunglasses worn by pilots and military leaders such as Douglas MacArthur were almost black: black frames and black lenses. Except for structural similarities, Aviator gold sunglasses differentiate themselves significantly from traditional Aviator sunglasses. These Ray Ban gold sunglasses offer more fashion and design concept than traditional Aviators, besides functions such as UV protection. In fact, colorful Aviator sunglasses, including Aviator gold sunglasses, have played an important role in bringing Aviator sunglasses into the public from the military circle.

Aviator-style Ray Ban gold sunglasses are available in two gold sunglasses categories: gold frame sunglasses and gold lens sunglasses.

For Aviator gold sunglasses with gold frames, there are several combinations in lens color. The common ones include green, black, brown and so on. One of the widely accepted models of these Ray Ban gold sunglasses is RB 3025. Another model of these Aviator gold sunglasses is Just Cavalli Shiny Aviator sunglasses with rose gold frame and rose-tinted lenses. Aviator gold sunglasses with silver-mirrored lenses and gold frames also belong to this type.

Aviator-style Ray Ban gold sunglasses with gold lenses may also be your favorite.

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Ray Ban2132—your unregretful choice

February 27th, 2010

Ray Ban 2132, the abbreviation of RB2132 New Wayfarer sunglasses, is now one of the best-selling sunglass in Wayfarer family. In fact, Ray Ban 2132 is the smallest member in its family. It is the youngest member, too. But now many people consider Ray Ban 2132 as classic for its appealing style and glamour.

Ray Ban 2132 is typically retro-styled. The story has that since 1952 Wayfarer has break away from traditional metal frame and glass lenses. And this style has lasted for many years. However, it is noticeable that Ray Ban 2132 has metal frame and glass lenses. The retro style of Ray Ban 2132 has brought people back to the ear of 60 years ago.

Though Ray Ban 2132 is made from metal and glass lenses, it is lightweight and durable. The frame of Ray Ban 2132 is made of Titanium alloy, used in aviation, which is light and extremely hard. The lenses of Ray Ban 2132 are very thin, but anti-explosive.

Ray Ban 2132 can always present its wearers unexpected surprise. This sunglass also means to be cool. Wearers with Ray Ban 2132 can always find they are very cool in others’ eyes. Moreover, it also means to be timeless. People with Ray Ban 2132 will find that they are forever in the fashion front. These characteristics of this sunglass can even satisfy the most nit-picking people. So Ray Ban21d32 enjoys a high popularity among the people.

Another element can be found in Ray Ban 2132 is unisex. It fits for both man and women. Ray Ban 2132 can be worn by any people without concerning whether they are men or women.

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