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Additional benefits of progressive sunglasses

June 17th, 2010

For some groups of people, both UV protection and vision correction are necessary when they are in an outdoor environment. While eye protection against fierce and harmful sunlight is critical for all people living on earth, a lot of individuals are forced to resort to vision-aid devices by conditions like nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. Sunglasses and clip on shades may have been quite common products among the public. But prescription sunglasses may be less frequently heard by ordinary people who are not experienced about the sunwear and eyeglass industries. And progressive sunglasses may be known by significantly fewer individuals. In fact, these different forms of sunwear suggest a rapid progress in this industry. Clip on sunshades are the simplest form that they can be clipped onto regular prescription eyeglasses. Prescription sunglasses and progressive sunwear offer further benefits in terms of vision aid.

In a time when prescription and progressive sunwear were unavailable, clip ons and magnetic attached sunglass lenses were widely used by people who used regular prescription eyeglasses. The problem is that this requires sometimes temporary clipping and removing a clip-on, which can be inconvenient and even dangerous. For example, searching in vain for those clip-ons during driving with the presence of fierce sunshine may involve dangerous factors. For people who wear prescription contact lenses, using an additional pair of sunglasses for UV protection may not be a good idea, especially in certain outdoor environments like on the beach or in a swimming pool. Contact lenses can make the eyes itchy and watery or even cause serious eye infections in these activities. Prescription sunglasses are a good product that combines separate functions. And progressive sunglasses come in a similar principle to single vision prescription sunglasses.

As the name indicates, progressive sunwear also deals with both UV protection and vision aid within a sole pair. Thus they have the same advantages that are boasted by regular prescription sunwear. The additional benefits of advantages of progressive sunglasses lie in their multifocal property. Progressive lenses used by these devices are the essential part. Like regular progressive reading glasses without UV protection, progressive sunwear can offer clear vision at all distances.