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Pros And Cons Of Cycling Progressive Sunglasses

October 11th, 2011

It is no exaggeration at all to say that the advent of cycling progressive sunglasses have saved many cyclists who are both myopic and presbyopic from their past cycling miseries. Due to their complicated vision conditions, these cyclist often had to carry around multiple pairs of glasses or shades just in case emergencies occur. With cycling progressive sunglasses, no such headaches need to be put up with any more. Although these shades do solve problems for many, they are not for everyone. Here, we do a full evaluation on the pros and cons of cycling progressive sunglasses so that you can make the decision best for you.

cycling progressive 1

As we all know, progressive lenses are the ones with multiple prescription powers that gradually increase or decrease vertically. With this type of lenses, sufferers of both myopia and presbyopia can look through the upper part to see things at distance, middle part things at intermediate ranges and lower part things up close. Such feature comes in extremely handy in cycling when the cyclist needs to check the map or cue sheets to make sure if the next turning is correct. Since the map or cue sheets are normally placed pretty close to the cyclists’ eyes, without cycling progressive sunglasses, the cyclists would otherwise have to stop for a switch from shades to their close vision correction glasses. The elimination of such meaningless stops would not only smooth up the cycling, making it a more pleasant experience, but also save the cyclist precious time have it been in a competitive cycling scenario.

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Although cycling progressive sunglasses spare the cyclist the troubles of switching between glasses, they are not recommended to everyone. One major reason for this is that these shades are extremely difficult to get used to. Unlike other sunglasses, with which you can see things at any direction as you wish by just tilting your eyes, cycling progressive sunglasses don’t have as wide of a view field. To see an object clearly, you normally have to move your entire head so as to face the object directly. Many people may find this not a difficult thing to do. Others just can never get used to that. Then there is this whole issue of looking through certain parts of the lenses to see things at different distances. Normally, it takes weeks or sometimes even months for some people to get themselves trained. For some, however, the adjusting period just seems to never end.

cycling progressive 4

So, there you have it. Two sides of the same coin. At the end of the day, it is you who have to decide if the coin if worth your money. So, take a moment or two to think about your own conditions and if your are still sure about this thing, then just go for cycling progressive sunglasses.

Additional benefits of progressive sunglasses

June 17th, 2010

For some groups of people, both UV protection and vision correction are necessary when they are in an outdoor environment. While eye protection against fierce and harmful sunlight is critical for all people living on earth, a lot of individuals are forced to resort to vision-aid devices by conditions like nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. Sunglasses and clip on shades may have been quite common products among the public. But prescription sunglasses may be less frequently heard by ordinary people who are not experienced about the sunwear and eyeglass industries. And progressive sunglasses may be known by significantly fewer individuals. In fact, these different forms of sunwear suggest a rapid progress in this industry. Clip on sunshades are the simplest form that they can be clipped onto regular prescription eyeglasses. Prescription sunglasses and progressive sunwear offer further benefits in terms of vision aid.

In a time when prescription and progressive sunwear were unavailable, clip ons and magnetic attached sunglass lenses were widely used by people who used regular prescription eyeglasses. The problem is that this requires sometimes temporary clipping and removing a clip-on, which can be inconvenient and even dangerous. For example, searching in vain for those clip-ons during driving with the presence of fierce sunshine may involve dangerous factors. For people who wear prescription contact lenses, using an additional pair of sunglasses for UV protection may not be a good idea, especially in certain outdoor environments like on the beach or in a swimming pool. Contact lenses can make the eyes itchy and watery or even cause serious eye infections in these activities. Prescription sunglasses are a good product that combines separate functions. And progressive sunglasses come in a similar principle to single vision prescription sunglasses.

As the name indicates, progressive sunwear also deals with both UV protection and vision aid within a sole pair. Thus they have the same advantages that are boasted by regular prescription sunwear. The additional benefits of advantages of progressive sunglasses lie in their multifocal property. Progressive lenses used by these devices are the essential part. Like regular progressive reading glasses without UV protection, progressive sunwear can offer clear vision at all distances.

Progressive Sunglasses- Popular All the More

April 13th, 2010

Sunglasses are some of the most beloved devices for summer use. And in the not-distant past, they are only for people without any eye problems. However, those eye-disease-struck people also want to have a try. Later, there are some prescription sunglasses in the market- people with some common eye problems, like myopia, farsightedness, etc, can also wear sunglasses. But no one has ever thought that people who are in need of bifocals or trifocals can wear sunglasses- those problems are really very hard to deal with. Subsequently, some great achievements are made and progressive sunglasses come into market, which are much advanced than conventional bifocal or trifocal sunglasses. Those unique sunglasses are very popular among people of particular groups.

Generally, there are two main characters on those sunglasses- function and accessories.

Functionally speaking, progressive sunglasses can help people with both presbyopia and myopia greatly. They will not only solve those problems, but in a perfect way. Traditional multi-focal glasses, like bifocals and trifocals, are mainly used to cure the aforesaid problems. But there is one matter that some division lines can be found on them. Those lines will lead to not only inconvenience in using, but also dizziness and headaches caused by such radical vision transition. Progressive sunglasses, by contrast, have more than three vision areas- some may have more than 20. Such design and structure can make the vision change gradual and natural. And wearers will not endure the pains as with bifocals and trifocals. Some people may find that there is no lens on their faces when with them.

With respect to accessories, progressive sunglasses are good choices. In the past, people do not want to wear bifocals or trifocals that may tell others they are in need of reading glasses. But now, such problems can now be avoided. With progressive sunglasses, others can not tell where or not the wearers need reading glasses, but the wearers are very fashionable and cool. Or some people tend to buy several pairs if they want to enjoy different styles and designs.

Many people think that progressive sunglasses are only for outdoor use. This is not completely correct. In some other occasions, those sunglasses can be worn on special occasions, such as when using computers, watching movies, etc. Of course, they can safely protect wearers’ eyes under sun lights. Those sunglasses can block all harmful rays, and ensure great vision clarity.

Progressive sunglasses are almost the same as other progressive glasses in price. And almost all people who love fashion can buy them. They will be much cheaper if bought from online retailers.

Feedbacks from consumers have also proved that progressive sunglasses are very popular in the market. For example, some people say they have never seen such fabulous sunglasses; some just want to wear those sunglasses all the more, etc.

All in all, progressive sunglasses are and will always be some of the most popular products in the market.

Progressive Sunglasses and Their Merits

March 25th, 2010

Glasses are some of the most common devices for vision correction in our daily lives. And many innovations are made in them since their emergence several hundreds years ago. Usually, the glasses worn by more people are single vision, but there are also varifocal glasses. Then some people may ask- what are varifocal glasses? In fact, the answer is very simple. Compared to ordinary glasses, varifocal glasses have more than two focal. For example, bifocals, trifocals and progressive glasses are very typical cases. However, there are also varifocal glasses that are not only for vision correction, but also used as accessories and for eye protection. Varifocal sunglasses are just some of the best representatives. These sunglasses are very popular among fashion-oriented people. However, just because there are too many alternatives in the industry, most of them will become confused about which ones are to buy.

According to the feedbacks from wearers of all age group, progressive sunglasses are just some of the most outstanding series in multi focal sunglasses. Compared to other series, those sunglasses have several unique features.

As their names suggest, those sunglasses are varifocal, but much better than ordinary ones. Wearers will find that there are no evident division lines in the lenses, though with multi vision areas. The vision transition among those areas is very natural, and wearers seldom suffer from dizziness or other problems caused by radical vision changes. This is much advanced than other multi-focal glasses. Moreover, those sunglasses can nicely protect eyes and skins around them with a relatively larger size. Still, they can filter out all harmful rays and radiations in the sunlight when people go outdoors. Generally, those sunglasses are always designed keeping up with the latest fashion in the industry. And many young people and other fashion lovers like to wear.

What’s more, there are also some other derived members in progressive sunglasses. And all those changes and innovations are based on consumers’ needs. For example, if some wearers require highly on the effects of reading, they can buy progressive sunglasses reader. Such product is particularly made for them. It can help filter out glares, unessential lights, etc. completely, providing great vision clarity. Of course, there are also many other related derived products that can help people who have different demands.

All in all, those sunglasses are really unique and special for all people who love to go outdoors.